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What other records is Lebron James close to breaking?




As LeBron James continues to etch his name in NBA history, fans and analysts alike are closely monitoring the records he’s on the verge of breaking. His versatility, longevity, and impact on the game have set him apart.

The King is a testament to what a professional athlete is. He is a great role model for younger generations to come. In his 21st season, LeBron is still the best player in the NBA, and the fact that he is close to breaking multiple records means that if he wants it, the kid from Akron can continue to play for years to come.

Which records is LeBron James close to breaking?

LeBron recently surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the all-time leading scorer. He’s now within striking distance of reaching 40,000 career points. If he maintains his scoring pace, he could shatter this record.

LeBron James is on the verge of breaking some of these records as well. He needs 580 more assists to reach 11,000 and 333 more rebounds to reach 11,000. Additionally, he needs 252 more free-throw attempts to surpass Shaquille O’Neal and reach third place on the all-time list with 11,252 attempts. The King is currently 291 made free throws behind Kobe Bryant, who is in third place on the all-time list with 8,378 free throws.