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What is the lowest and highest-scoring first half in Super Bowl history?




With the 58th Super Bowl underway, we take a look at what the records are for both the highest and lowest-scoring games in the history of the showpiece event.

38 points in Super Bowl LVII first half

In the first quarter, Jalen Hurts gave the Eagles an early lead in Arizona when he scored a touchdown with a quarterback sneak, before Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes supplited Travis Kelce with an 18-yard TD pass.

In the second period, Hurts found AJ Brown for a second Eagles score, but Philadelphia’s quarterback then lost the ball for Nick Bolton to run in for a TD and level once more.

Hurts later made amends when he went over with a second QB sneak, however - and right at the end of the first half, Jake Elliott kicked a field goal for Philadelphia to gives the Eagles a 10-point lead at the break.

Was Chiefs vs Eagles the highest-scoring first half in Super Bowl history?

While a 24-14 is very far from being the lowest-scoring first half in the 57 Super Bowls held in NFL History, it still falls a little way short of being the event’s highest-scoring first half an hour.

That honour goes to Super Bowl XXII, which saw Washington take on the Denver Broncos in San Diego, California. The first half at Jack Murphy Stadium finished with a total of 45 points scored, Washington going in for the break 35-10 ahead.

The men from the US capital then added a further seven points in a low-action second half to triumph 42-10.

The half-time score in every Super Bowl:

  • Super Bowl I: Chiefs 10-14 Packers (FT: 10-35)
  • Super Bowl II: Packers 16-7 Raiders (FT: 33-14)
  • Super Bowl III: Jets 7-0 Colts (FT: 16-7)
  • Super Bowl IV: Vikings 0-16 Chiefs (FT: 7-23)
  • Super Bowl V: Colts 6-13 Cowboys (FT: 16-13)
  • Super Bowl VI: Cowboys 10-3 Dolphins (FT: 24-3)
  • Super Bowl VII: Dolphins 14-0 Washington (FT: 14-7)
  • Super Bowl VIII: Vikings 0-17 Dolphins (FT: 7-24)
  • Super Bowl IX: Steelers 2-0 Vikings (FT: 16-6) - LOWEST
  • Super Bowl X: Cowboys 10-7 Steelers (FT: 17-21)
  • Super Bowl XI: Raiders 16-0 Vikings (FT: 32-14)
  • Super Bowl XII: Cowboys 13-0 Broncos (FT: 27-10)
  • Super Bowl XIII: Steelers 21-14 Cowboys (FT: 35-31)
  • Super Bowl XIV: Rams 13-10 (FT: 19-31)
  • Super Bowl XV: Raiders 14-3 (FT: 27-10)
  • Super Bowl XVI: 49ers 20-0 Bengals (FT: 26-21)
  • Super Bowl XVII: Dolphins 17-10 Washington (FT: 17-27)
  • Super Bowl XVIII: Washington 3-21 Raiders (FT: 9-38)
  • Super Bowl XIX: Dolphins 16-28 49ers (FT: 16-38)
  • Super Bowl XX: Bears 23-3 Patriots (FT: 46-10)
  • Super Bowl XXI: Broncos 10-9 Giants (FT: 20-39)
  • Super Bowl XXII: Washington 35-10 Broncos (FT: 42-10) - HIGHEST
  • Super Bowl XXIII: Bengals 3-3 49ers (FT: 16-20)
  • Super Bowl XXIV: 49ers 27-3 Broncos (FT: 55-10)
  • Super Bowl XXV: Bills 12-10 Giants (FT: 19-20)
  • Super Bowl XXVI: Washington 17-0 Bills (FT: 37-24)
  • Super Bowl XXVII: Bills 10-28 Cowboys (FT: 17-52)
  • Super Bowl XXVIII: Cowboys 6-13 Bills (FT: 30-13)
  • Super Bowl XXIX: Chargers 10-28 49ers (FT: 26-49)
  • Super Bowl XXX: Cowboys 13-7 Steelers (FT: 27-17)
  • Super Bowl XXXI: Patriots 14-27 Packers (FT: 21-35)
  • Super Bowl XXXII: Packers 14-17 Broncos (FT: 24-31)
  • Super Bowl XXXIII: Broncos 17-6 Falcons (FT: 34-19)
  • Super Bowl XXXIV: Steelers 9-0 Titans (FT: 23-16)
  • Super Bowl XXXV: Ravens 10-0 Giants (FT: 34-7)
  • Super Bowl XXXVI: Rams 3-14 Patriots (FT: 17-20)
  • Super Bowl XXXVII: Raiders 3-20 Buccaneers (FT: 21-48)
  • Super Bowl XXXVIII: Panthers 10-14 Patriots (FT: 29-32)
  • Super Bowl XXXIX: Patriots 7-7 Eagles (FT: 24-21)
  • Super Bowl XL: Seahawks 3-7 Steelers (FT: 10-21)
  • Super Bowl XLI: Colts 16-14 Bears (FT: 29-17)
  • Super Bowl XLII: Giants 3-7 Patriots (FT: 17-14)
  • Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 17-7 Cardinals (FT: 27-23)
  • Super Bowl XLIV: Saints 6-10 Colts (FT: 31-17)
  • Super Bowl XLV: Steelers 10-21 Packers (FT: 25-31)
  • Super Bowl XLVI: Giants 9-10 Patriots (FT: 21-17)
  • Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens 21-6 49ers (FT: 34-31)
  • Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks 22-0 Broncos (FT: 43-8)
  • Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots 14-14 Seahawks (FT: 28-24)
  • Super Bowl 50: Panthers 7-13 Broncos (FT: 10-24)
  • Super Bowl LI: Patriots 3-21 Falcons (FT: 34-28)
  • Super Bowl LII: Eagles 22-12 Patriots (FT: 41-33)
  • Super Bowl LIII: Patriots 3-0 Rams (FT: 13-3)
  • Super Bowl LIV: 49ers 10-10 Chiefs (FT: 20-31)
  • Super Bowl LV: Chiefs 6-21 Buccaneers (FT: 9-31)
  • Super Bowl LVI: Rams 13-10 Bengals (FT: 23-20)
  • Super Bowl LVII: Chiefs 14-21 Eagles

What is the lowest-scoring first half in Super Bowl history?

The lowest-scoring first half in Super Bowl History, meanwhile, came in the 1974 season. At Super Bowl IX, the Pittsburgh Steelers led 2-0 after the first two quarters, before going on to win 16-6 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As the 49ers take on the Chiefs in Las Vegas, we saw a long time from kick-off with no points scored from either side, causing us to dig deep and find out which Super Bowls had the lowest numbers on the scoreboard.

You can follow live-text coverage of Super Bowl LVIII with AS USA’s Dane Arlauckas, who is providing play-by-play commentary of the Game at Allegiant Stadium. AS USA also has a live blog covering nine-time Grammy winner Usher’s half-time show in Arizona. Are you ready, reader?