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tl.Serena Williams Turns to Her ‘Dad’ Alex Orhanian to Coach Daughter 6 ys, Olympia: ‘I’m Too Nice and Don’t Want to Over-Push’




Serena Williams, the Tennis legend and devoted mother, recently shared a heartfelt revelation about her approach to parenting and coaching her daughter, Olympia. In a candid interview, Serena explained why she has turned to her husband, Alexis Ohanian, to coach their six-year-old daughter on the Tennis court, admitting that she fears being too nice and not wanting to over-push her.

### Balancing Parenting and Coaching

Serena, known for her fierce competitive spirit and unparalleled success on the tennis court, is also a nurturing and caring mother. When it comes to coaching Olympia, she recognizes the fine line between encouraging and pushing too hard. “I’m too nice and don’t want to over-push,” Serena said. “I want Olympia to love the game and have fun without feeling any pressure.”

### Alexis Ohanian as Coach

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and a supportive partner, has stepped into the role of coach for their daughter. Serena expressed her confidence in Alexis’s ability to guide Olympia while maintaining a balanced approach. “Alexis has been amazing. He’s patient, encouraging, and knows how to keep things fun for Olympia,” she shared. “He’s the perfect coach for her right now.”

### Creating a Positive Environment

The decision to have Alexis coach Olympia stems from the couple’s desire to create a positive and enjoyable environment for their daughter. They both understand the importance of fostering a love for the sport without the added pressure that can come from having a world-class athlete as a parent.

“We want Olympia to enjoy her time on the court and develop her own passion for the Game,” Serena explained. “Having Alexis coach her allows me to step back and just be a supportive mom.”

Olympia’s Tennis Journey

Olympia, who has shown a keen interest in tennis, often joins her mother on the court for practice sessions. With her father’s guidance and her mother’s inspiration, Olympia is developing her skills while having fun. The young tennis enthusiast is already making waves with her adorable and impressive moves on the court, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

### Fan Reactions

Fans and followers have been touched by Serena’s thoughtful approach to parenting and coaching. Many have expressed their admiration for the Williams-Ohanian family’s supportive and loving dynamics.

“Serena is such an incredible mom! Letting Alexis coach Olympia shows how much she values a balanced and positive upbringing,” one fan tweeted. Another commented, “Olympia is so lucky to have such amazing parents. Can’t wait to see her follow in her mom’s footsteps in her own time.”

### Looking Ahead

As Olympia continues her Tennis journey, fans eagerly anticipate seeing more of her progress and the fun moments she shares with her parents on and off the court. Serena and Alexis’s commitment to providing a nurturing and pressure-free environment is a powerful reminder of the importance of balance in parenting.

### Conclusion

Serena Williams’s decision to have her husband, Alexis Ohanian, coach their daughter Olympia highlights her thoughtful and balanced approach to parenting. By stepping back and allowing Alexis to guide Olympia, Serena ensures that her daughter can enjoy the Game and develop her passion for Tennis in a supportive and pressure-free environment. As the Williams-Ohanian family continues to inspire with their loving and encouraging dynamics, they remain a powerful example of how to nurture talent while prioritizing happiness and well-being.