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TikTok enhances app experience for larger devices




TikTok has upgraded its user interface on devices such as tablets and foldables for a seamless and visually appealing experience for users worldwide.

Users can now enjoy their favourite videos on bigger screens, benefiting from a clear video feed, simplified navigation bars, and orientation support, enhancing their TikTok experience. The details of the key features are as follows;

1. Clear video feed: Users can enjoy a more polished video feed with better clarity.

2. Streamlined navigation bars: TikTok now features streamlined navigation bars at the top and bottom of the screen, making it easy to access favourite features and tabs.

3. Support for landscape or portrait use: Whether you hold your device in landscape or portrait mode, TikTok will adapt to your preference.

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TikTok is also exploring new features like Topic Feeds, enabling users to explore videos in specific categories like gaming, food, or fashion. The platform is even testing an AI-powered chatbot that can recommend videos to users.

Considering the popularity of the app, TikTok is working on improving the experience across all types of devices for all kinds of audiences.