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The First AI Travel and Hospitality Influencer is Here




Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts and AI company BRACAI have introduced SENA Z, an AI Travel and hospitality iNFLuencer.

It seems that artificial intelligence is now making its way into the hospitality industry. Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts, whose portfolio includes a range of properties in locations like the Maldives and Singapore, has partnered with BRACAI, which calls itself a “boutique AI consultancy”. Together, they’ve uncovered something that they promise will “imbue the digital Travel sphere with a profound cultural narrative”: SENA Z, their very own AI iNFLuencers focusing on Travel and hospitality.

Meet SENA Z aka Sena Zaro, the first AI travel and hospitality influencer

A cursory glance at Sena Zaro, which is the character’s given name, and you might think that she’s just another tourist doing some island hopping and having the time of their life. However, with a closer look and a keen eye, you’ll realise that Sena is actually AI-generated. Cenizaro says that SENA Z was created in “response to the burgeoning presence of digital iNFLuencers across social platforms” and that it’s “engineered to seamlessly integrate into the guest experience.”

“Through the launch of SENA Z., Cenizaro’s goal is to captivate audiences through cutting-edge technologies and inspiring adventures,” Cenizaro says in its press release. “Her mission goes beyond travel; it’s about championing a lifestyle of curiosity, personal growth, and appreciation for global diversity.”

Sena already has her own website and Instagram set up. A section on her website chronicles her “30th birthday” which she spent with “family” at The Residence Bintan. Cenizaro says that her content will not just be limited to its portfolio and will promote sustainability, local culture, wellness, and nature among other things. Scroll through her posts on Instagram and you’ll see pretty much all of these things featured on her page.

“SENA Z. is about bridging tech with our love for exploration”, Liza Quddoos, Director of Corporate Communications at Cenizaro, says. “She shows us how digital and human elements can enhance each other’s existence, enriching life rather than replacing our experiences.”

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic in the past few years. As everyone tries to deal with the ramifications of AI and how it affects different industries, an AI iNFLuencer in the world of tourism and hospitality will, at the very least, begin discussions of its role in this industry. 

(Main image: Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts)

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok.