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Surprise Moment at Coachella 2024: Travis Kelce Lifts and Kisses Taylor Swift Amidst the Cгowd. nobita




At the 2024 Coachella music festival, photos of Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce kissing were shared a lot. The rugby player also attracted attention with the moment he lifted his lover at a crowded event.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kiss in Middle of Crowd at 2024 Coachella  Festival

At the Coachella 2024 music festival this weekend, the appearance of Taylor Swift and her lover Travis Kelce caused a media fever.

During Dom Dolla’s performance, because there were so many people in front, it was difficult for Taylor Swift to follow. The rugby player continuously lifted his girlfriend up so she could watch the performance.

1.96 m tall boyfriend kisses and lifts Taylor Swift at the festival - Photo 1.

The moment Travis Kelce lifted his girlfriend at the event.

Currently, the video and topic of Taylor Swift being lifted by her boyfriend is gaining attention on social networks. Even though singer Cardigan is 1.8 m tall, Travis easily carries his girlfriend up high because he is 1.96 m tall and weighs more than 100 kg.

“Lifts his girlfriend like she’s a kitten”, “Wish I had a boyfriend like that”, “Many people call Taylor Swift a big girl or a giant, now let’s see if the giant has someone bigger than this”, “Taylor Swift looks happy”, the audience commented.

In another moment, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were seen kissing at a crowded event. The display of affection between the two stars continues to become a hot topic of discussion among fans.

The billionaire singer and her boyfriend continuously danced to the performances of Jack Antanoff and Ice Spice, occasionally dancing as a couple and kissing.

Taylor Swift is taking advantage of her rare free time to enjoy the moment with her boyfriend. In the near future, she will have another long tour within the framework of the Eras Tour, a series of music concerts with revenue of more than 1 billion USD and constantly increasing.

1.96 m tall boyfriend kisses and lifts Taylor Swift at the festival - Photo 2.

Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce at the Coachella music festival.

According to Page Six, the love story of Taylor Swift and her boyfriend is a topic of interest to the audience. Previously, at the AFC Championship final, the moment the female singer kissed her boyfriend on a live broadcast attracted 5 million viewers.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce got into dating news after the singer was repeatedly recorded by the media watching the Kansas City Chiefs play. Singer Cardigan then regularly appeared with her boyfriend’s family, going to the Football field to cheer.

After confirming their relationship, Travis Kelce and his lover, a famous singer, became a money-making brand.

The Taylor – Travis Kelce effect also attracts more audience attention to NFL matches. The Chiefs’ AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens had approximately 55.5 million viewers, up 17% from the previous year and becoming the most-watched Game in History.