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Snapchat now allows users to restore streaks




To help the users maintain their Snapstreak, Snapchat now offers the option to pause and restore Snapstreaks.

One of the attractive features of Snapchat is its Snapstreaks, which requires two users to send each other a snap daily. Two users get into the trap of maintaining Snapstreaks by sending a photo daily. Previously, the streak broke if any user failed to send a snap within 24 hours.

Maintaining Snapstreaks is very important to many users. To make things easier, Snapchat is now experimenting with a new feature that allows users to pause their Snapstreaks. During the testing phase, Snapchat only allows users to pause their streaks once.

The option to pause it more than once is available for premium users at the cost of 99 cents per pause in the US.

According to the reports of Tech Crunch, Snapchat+ users will have the option to freeze their Snapstreaks for a more extended period. The features will be rolled out soon.