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She Was Tied To Back Of Truck & Brought To Field To Get Beaten As ‘Punishment’




Linda did not deserve all of the abuse and torture that she was forced to endure for no reason at all at the hands of her evil owner.

One day, thieves ended up breaking into their home, and Linda’s owner was mad that Linda didn’t stop them. In order to punish her, her owner tied her to the back of his truck, drove her to a deserted field, and brutally beat her as she cried out for help.

Thankfully witnesses immediately called for help, and rescuers were soon on their way to help this poor dog who was now lying alone in the middle of the field, barely clinging to life.

Linda miraculously survived the attack, but her head was swollen, her eyes were bleeding, and she was in severe pain. Vets gave her pain medications and worked quickly ’round the clock to save her life.

She soon underwent a seven-hour surgery on her head, which was thankfully successful. Linda pulled through and made a surprisingly full recovery.

Today, Linda lives with a loving new family. Despite all of the pain she suffered at the hands of humans, she still trusts people and is very sweet and friendly.

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