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Save up to $60 on Blueair air purifiers: Perfect for large and small rooms




Save up to $60 on these Blueair air purifiers over at Amazon to keep allergies and dust to a minimum.

Blueair Pure 311i Max: was $229.99, now $179.99 at Amazon (Suitable for bedrooms)
Blueair Pure 311i+ Max: was $299.99, now $239.99 at Amazon (Suitable for living rooms and dining rooms)

Your home may be clean, but have you considered whether the air within it is? You'd be surprised what can be picked up, and an air purifier can go some way toward cleaning it up.

Place one of these clever gadgets in a room and you can feel a difference, and these offerings from Blueair are well worth a look. Not only are they controlled via a companion app so you can activate them whether you're at home or not, but Amazon has slashed the price of them, too.

Blueair Pure 311i Max:was $229.99now $179.99 at Amazon

Blueair Pure 311i Max: was $229.99, now $179.99 at Amazon

Save $50 on this air purifier which is ideally sized for bedrooms, running at less than 60 dB and can clear the air in a medium-sized room in about 12.5 minutes.

Blueair Pure 311i+ Max:was $299.99now $239.99 at Amazon

Blueair Pure 311i+ Max: was $299.99, now $239.99 at Amazon  

Save $60 on the larger version at Amazin, which is intended for rooms of around 465 sqft and, again, it'll clean the air in around 12.5 minutes.

Key features: Quiet, runs with the smartphone app, ideal for Pet hair, dust, pollen and more.

Price history: We've seen both of these units ever so slightly cheaper, but this sale marks a great time to pick up a couple for your home.

Price comparison: The only discount we've seen that comes close is Target with the smaller version for $183.99 — that's available for in-store pickup, too.

Reviews consensus: In a lot of ways, air purifiers tend to do the same thing, so it comes down to how well they do it. Thankfully, customer reviews paint a picture of an easy-to-use, unassuming device that goes about its Business with minimal fuss and, perhaps most importantly, almost no noise. Some reviewers even said they were fantastic during wildfires.

Buy it if: You want an air purifier that's easy to use and quiet while working, both of these air purifiers from Blueair generate up to a stated 50 dB of noise maximum, which is a normal conversational volume.

Don't buy it if: You want something even larger, or something with a handle for easier positioning.