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SAI.The monsters are suspected to come from extraterrestrials, with strange shapes and giant bodies.SAI



The monsters are suspected to come from extraterrestrials, with strange shapes and giant bodies

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Butterfly man

In early 1966, people in an area of ​​Ohio, West Virginia repeatedly encountered a supposedly strange creature flying in the sky. Someone saw its huge size and wide black wings, red eyes burning like fire.

On November 14, 1966, Mr. Newell Partridge, a farmer, was watching television when he lost both picture and sound. The dog outside the house suddenly howled for a long time. He went out to see what was going on, but what awaited the man was a strange shape with machine-like red eyes that terrified him.

There are many theories that it is just a big owl, a thunderbird or some strange alien machine. But until now people still cannot explain it.

Blood-sucking monster Chupacabra

In Puerto Rico in 1994, people discovered many dead animals with blood drained from them. People also tell each other that there is a monster that specializes in doing that and it is called Chupacabra, their appearance is like hunting dogs but has legs and wings, with sharp fangs.

In many rural areas, blood-sucking animal carcasses lie scattered. But one day, a group of workers discovered two dried corpses suspected of belonging to some mysterious creature. The body with the head is much larger than any creature known to humans.

Many people think that it is the body of the bloodsucking demon Chupacabra, but many people also think that it is the body of an alien landing on earth.

Dingonek Beast

European people rumored that along the banks of rivers in humid tropical forests, there appeared a scary animal called Dingonek. It is up to 13.5 meters long, has a square head and long fierce horns, a mouth with sharp fangs like a spear blade and a scorpion tail that can release venom. The main food of this giant creature is hippopotamus.

The Beast Am Fear Liath Mor

In 1925, an explorer detailed the large footprints of a Mysterious creature. It has a larger body than a human and a hairy body. Known as the Gray Giant, the legendary creature with a name that sounds like I Am Fear (I am fear!) might be the motivation for you to give up mountain climbing in Scotland.