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Raveena Tandon assaulted by mob after her driver is accused of rash driving




90s Bollywood sweetheart, Raveena Tandon, found herself embroiled in drama after a viral video on X showed a mob accusing her driver of a road rage incident in Bandra, Mumbai. It also depicted Tandon being assaulted by the group outside her home. 

Following the video's circulation, reports emerged of a police complaint being filed against the actor and her driver, with allegations that the pair were under the iNFLuence. However, a comprehensive investigation, which included reviewing CCTV footage of the incident, revealed that none of the complainant's family members were harmed or touched by the car in question. The police declared the case to be false and stated that neither the actor nor the driver was drunk with Tandon facing no charges, as reported by Hindustan Times.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rajtilak Roshan, in a statement to NDTV India, detailed the incident. Tandon was returning to her Bandra home in her car, driven by her driver. CCTV footage showed the driver reversing the car while manoeuvring it into her home. A group of women passing by reportedly asked him to be careful, saying he could have hit someone. 

"The complainant gave a false complaint in the alleged video. We checked the entire CCTV footage of the society and found that the actor’s driver was reversing the car from the road into the society when this family was crossing the same lane. The family stopped the car and told the driver that he should check if people were behind the car before reversing and an argument started between them," the DCP said.

Tandon then stepped out of her home to assist her driver. By this time, the women's relatives had gathered. In the clip, the relatives alleged that the driver hit some of the women, with one woman claiming she had a nosebleed. Tandon tried to calm them down but was pushed around, pleading, "Don't hit me."

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The DCP further elaborated, “This argument escalated into abusive language. The actor tried to protect the driver from the mob; however, the mob started abusing her. Both Tandon and the family went to the Khar police station and gave written complaints. Later, they both also submitted letters stating they did not want to register any complaints.”

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