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National Virtual Vacation Day (March 30th)



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Get out of town without having to leave home? Yes, please! National Virtual Vacation Day is here to celebrate “Travel” that is more convenient, more affordable and less tiring! 

History of National Virtual Vacation Day

The roots of National Virtual Vacation Day can be traced back to 2016 when the day was founded by the folks over at Terrance Talks Travel. The idea for the day was to let people know that they don’t need to wait until they are retired or empty nesters to enjoy vacations and destinations because they can be experienced virtually.

With Virtual Reality (VR) technology and gadgets, it’s possible to enjoy a vacation on a tropical island, at the top of a mountain, or even in space. And all on the same day! Forget jet lag or delayed flights. No need to worry about packing a suitcase or inclement weather. A virtual vacation lets people escape for a long time or short with the help of Virtual Reality – and all in the comfort of home.

Although National Virtual Vacation Day was established just a few years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it arrived just in time. Even when it was impossible for people to travel outside of very limited spaces, it was still possible to travel on a virtual vacation, to almost anywhere in the world, at the simple touch of a button!

National Virtual Vacation Day is here to show appreciation for the technology behind VR, and the intelligent people who participated in bringing it to life. Whether due to health problems and mobility issues, financial barriers or difficulty getting time off work, the promise of a virtual escape is here to bring some solace to that travel bug!

How to Celebrate National Virtual Vacation Day

Check out some of these ideas for celebrating National Virtual Vacation Day:

Take a Virtual Vacation

Taking a virtual vacation can mean different things to different people. It could certainly mean accessing that VR technology and kayaking down through the Grand Canyon or climbing Mt. Everest. Certainly this could be an exciting way to experience a far off place.

But, for a more tactile person, taking a virtual vacation could also mean gathering some travel brochures and information about a place of interest and doing some research about it. Watching some travel videos or shows, learning a bit of the local language and even cooking a meal from local foods could be a fun way to experience a place even without going there. It might even be fun to do some photo editing to create an album of yourself in the location!

Choose from Virtual Vacation Tours

Once the VR gear has been secured, it’s possible to get connected with a number of different providers for tours and the list of options feels almost endless! In honor of National Virtual Vacation Day, here’s just a beginning of some places that might be fun to visit virtually:

  • The Louvre in Paris, France. This tour offers access to some of the most precious artwork in the world – including the Mona Lisa – but without having to walk tens of thousands of steps to see it!
  • Great Wall of China. This experience offers fascinating architecture along with amazing nature scenes.
  • San Diego Zoo. Animal lovers can enjoy viewing thousands of amazing creatures without having to leave home!