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National Ghost Hunting Day (September 30th, 2023)



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Encountering experiences that are spooky, creepy or just plain weird? National Ghost Hunting Day celebrates and honors the fascinating, curious and Mysterious invisible presences that live among us!

History of National Ghost Hunting Day

Although it is likely that people have been afraid of spirits, ghosts and other ghouls all throughout human History, the organized research of Paranormal Activity dates back to the late 1800s. The Society for Psychical Research was formed in 1882 but, even then, the idea was not a new one as it came from within the British National Association of Spiritists, the members of which were known to carry out seances and medium investigations.

British psychic researcher Harry Price published his book, Confessions of a Ghost Hunter, in 1936. During the time of its writing, he was also making broadcasts for the BBC radio from a supposedly haunted house.

The ghost hunting world was a bit quiet in the mid-to-late 20th century and remained a niche interest. But when the early 2000s came around, the practice of ghost hunting became more popular due to television shows like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted.

In addition to the iNFLuence of the television series, the availability of what some people claim is high tech ghost hunting equipment caused the paranormal industry to grow even further.

National Ghost Hunting Day was founded in 2016 to draw attention to the practice of chasing down paranormal activity. The day is meant to recognize and celebrate those who are ghost hunters, whether curious, novice or expert in skill and experience.

Although any day (or night!) can be a good time for seeking out Paranormal Activity, National Ghost Hunting Day is extra special!

How to Celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day

Getting involved with National Ghost Hunting Day can either be fun, or it might be a little spooky. Or perhaps it will be both! Check out some of these ideas for engaging with the paranormal in celebration of National Ghost Hunting Day:

Participate in the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

One activity that many people like to join in on happens in the Palace Theater in Canton, Ohio. Arranged by experience from novice to professional, Ghost Hunting events are organized for anyone to participate in. Tours and events do require advanced reservations and a fee is involved. Participants can bring their own gear such as flashlights, audio recorders, cameras, smart phones and any ghost hunting equipment they choose!

Get Some Ghost Hunting Equipment

Those who are seriously into the world of ghost hunting might want to consider sourcing some equipment to help them on their paranormal endeavors. You can pick up a starter Ghost Hunting Kit that comes with audio and even video recording devices to help suss out unique activity.

EMF readers are another piece of equipment that allows ghost hunters to figure out if high electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are causing false readings when there is not actually any ghost activity happening. So get that ghost hunting equipment and find out!