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National Face Your Fears Day (October 10th, 2023)



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Take a moment to consider what your life might be like if you conquered some of your greatest fears. What would you do differently? National Face Your Fears Day gives you the chance to stand up to your fears, overcome them, and to seize the day.

History of National Face Your Fears Day

While people have been gearing up to face their fears throughout human History, the first official National Face Your Fears Day didn’t take place until 2007. The day was founded by public speaker Steven Hughes, who noted that it should be celebrated as a catalyst for people to take a nudge of encouragement to step up to their fears and then say “no more”.

National Face Your Fears Day brings the ideal opportunity for folks to name the things that frighten them, for whatever reason, and then step out with courage and bravery to conquer them!

How to Celebrate National Face Your Fears Day

Conquer the world by conquering the little things in life that might cause fear! Show some appreciation for National Face Your Fears Day with some of these interesting ideas:

Make a List of Fears

One of the largest ways that fears can retain power is by staying in the dark. When people are able to name their fears and talk about them, the shroud of mystery is removed and the fears may begin to hold less sway. A super way to celebrate National Face Your Fears Day might be to start by making a list of the various fears that do anything from keeping you paralyzed to just making you jump. If it’s difficult to think of what these fears might be, perhaps check with a close friend or family member who can help to compile a list.

Host a National Face Your Fears Day Party

While it can be a serious topic, facing your fears doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! In fact, hosting a National Face Your Fears Day party might be a creative way to encourage people in their activities while also poking a bit of fun at fears. A Face Your Fears Party could be filled with creative ideas like serving snacks that resemble fearful objects such as teeth (going to the dentist), airplanes (fear of flying), skyscrapers (fear of heights) or spiders and other insects.

Make sure the DJ is playing some music that might be considered creepy or scary. And for the evening’s Entertainment? Watch some old episodes of that crazy, fear-facing reality show, Fear Factor.

Face Your Fears

Once that list of fears is made, it might be helpful to sort it in a way that lists the least fearful items first. When a person is facing their fears, it often helps to start out very small and then work the way up to something larger. For instance, if a person has a mild fear of spiders but a huge fear of heights, maybe they start by having their roommate help them to remove a spider when it appears in the house. And then, if that goes okay, move up to other things on the list that are harder until, eventually, the activities include things like going to the top of the Empire State Building or skydiving!