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“Maggie’s Therapy Journey: The Dog Who Brings Hope and Strength”




After Being Shot 17 Times, A Pregnant Dog Survives, Finds Forever Home, And Becomes A Registered Therapy Dog, Maggie, a 5-year-old dog, is really a miracle dog considering the difficulties she has previously overcome in order to live.

They believe there’s a lot to learn from Animals, and that our four-legged pals can teach us things we wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

This notion appears to be supported by an extraordinary dog named Maggie. This dog has been through more than most people would endure in 10 lifetimes at the age of five.

She became viral after being found in Lebanon with her eyes gouged out by a gunshot, an ear severed, and a fractured jaw. Maggie is thought to have been shot 17 times before being tossed out onto the street. When we found her, she was also pregnant.

Maggie’s story, thankfully, was far from over. She was rescued by the Wild At Heart Foundation and later adopted by an animal lover named Kasey, who took her to Brighton, United Kingdom.

Kasey became a therapy dog despite the tragedy she had experienced and the unspeakable anguish she had to endure. She now has a significant amount of Instagram followers.

“This person in Lebanon asked for help, and a woman in London saw the post and got help,” Kasey explained to The Argus.

“Wild At Heart said they would welcome him, although it is quite difficult to get Pets out of Lebanon.”Maggie’s post prompted my mother to suggest that we take her in.”

“When I got home, I saw the photo and agreed.”

Maggie was able to leave Lebanon after a six-month online effort, and she is now thriving. Maggie, who has 80,000 social media followers, visits hospitals, nursing homes, and universities to help people recuperate.

Maggie is now a certified therapy dog with Underdog International after passing the relevant exams.

“She and I will be speaking to schools and working on the ground with young people,” she stated.

“I know what happened to Maggie was horrible, but if her story can educate and inspire others to do good, we can at least contribute to making the world a little brighter.”

We can’t thank you enough, Kasey, for giving Maggie the second opportunity she deserves.

Meanwhile, Maggie has shown bravery and commitment that we can only hope to match. We wish this combative dog great luck in her future.

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