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Jerry Seinfeld isn’t worried about ‘political correctness’ during his comedy routines




Jerry Seinfeld has never deferred to political correctness in his comedy acts and doesn’t plan on ever doing so.

“Political correctness is something of a worry for people that can’t think,” he told Page Six in a recent exclusive interview.

Because of that, they make “stupid mistakes” that are “offensive,” the “Seinfeld” alum explained.

Jerry Seinfeld.
Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t worry about political correctness. FilmMagic
Jerry Seinfeld.
The comedian has been doing standup for over 50 years. Tasos Katopodis

So what does he suggest? “Pick up a paper, find out what’s going on and just navigate around it.”

Seinfeld, whose love of cereal was documented in “Seinfeld,” offered that advice while promoting “Unfrosted” — a movie inspired by the 1963 race between Kellogg’s and Post to create a pastry that would change the face of breakfast forever.

Jerry Seinfeld.
The sitcom alum shared that “political correctness is something of a worry for people that can’t think.” Getty Images for Baby Buggy
Jerry Seinfeld.
Seinfeld suggested that people pick up a newspaper and “find out what’s going on.” Victoria Will/Invision/AP

The movie came about because of the standup comedian’s well-documented love of breakfast cereals, and Pop-Tarts — the pastry that was created during the race.

“[Pop-Tarts] just kind of stuck out,” he recalled. “There’s like a few things that I remember from childhood that [I was] like, ‘Wow! I can’t believe they’re giving us that…the Pop-Tart was the craziest food that I remember.'”

“It didn’t relate to any other product that they produced. It was hot, it came in these packets, it just seemed so space age, and it was great!”

"Seinfeld" cast.
He co-created the sitcom, “Seinfeld.” ©Castle Rock Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection
Scene from "Unfrosted."
Seinfeld is promoting “Unfrosted,” a movie loosely based on the race to create Pop-Tarts. AP

It sounds like the love affair has continued unabated.

“Everybody I know loved it and everybody I know still loves it and it’s funny,” he gushed.

“The name is funny, everything about it is funny, not everything is funny, not every food is funny. That food is funny.”

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Seinfeld, who turns 70 next week, not only stars in the movie with Jim Gaffigan, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Hugh Grant as Tony the Tiger, he also co-wrote the script and directed it.

Scene from "Unfrosted."
The movie also stars Melissa McCarthy and Jim Gaffigan. AP
Scene from "Unfrosted."
Seinfeld co-wrote and directed the comedy. AP

Unlike many performers who dream of yelling “Action!” Seinfeld seemed non-plussed about being the big kahuna on set.

“I never really cared about it,” he revealed. “I love being a writer, that’s what I really love. But for a writer, the dream is to have the work that you wrote represented exactly as you want it and that job is being a director.”

“There are two great things in the world, in my opinion,” he added. “There’s only two things that count — writing and performing. Everything else is just a pain.”

“Unfrosted” will be released on Netflix on May 3.