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Jay Leno’s wife, Mavis, ‘sometimes does not know her husband’ as Alzheimer’s progresses: court docs




Jay Leno’s wife, Mavis Leno, “sometimes does not know her husband […] nor her date of birth” amid her battle with Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new report related to the comedian’s conservatorship Petition.

Per the documents obtained by Page Six, her court-appointed counsel, Ronald Ostrin, revealed that, despite remaining in good spirits amid her “advanced dementia” diagnosis, her Health continues to decline.

According to her neurologist, Dr. Hart Cohen, the 77-year-old “has a lot of disorientation” and often ruminates “about her parents who have both passed.”

Mavis and Jay Leno
Mavis Leno’s cognitive abilities are declining amid her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. WireImage
Mavis and Jay Leno
The 77-year-old “sometimes does not know her husband,” Jay Leno, according to court docs obtained by Page Six. Getty Images for Meyers Manx
Mavis Leno snuggled up to Jay Leno
Mavis’ neurologist said she “has a lot of disorientation.” Getty Images

Despite having clear “cognitive impairment,” Ostrin described Mavis as “a delightful person” with “a charming personality” who still can “communicate.”

“She expressed a desire to vote and told me a little about her philanthropic work,” he said of their meeting. “She reposed great faith and confidence in Mr. Leno and relied on him for her protection and guidance.”

As for the couple’s dynamic, Ostrin said it’s clear that Jay and Mavis “have a long-term, loving and supportive relationship” with plenty of “resources” to give the former a “safe and least restrictive environment.”

“Ms. Leno seemed very happy in their cozy environment,” Ostrin noted.

Mavis Leno
Despite that, Mavis was described as “a delightful person” with “a charming personality.” London Entertainment for NY Post
Mavis Leno
It’s unclear when she was first diagnosed with the disease. London Entertainment for NY Post

In terms of Jay’s conservatorship filing, Ostrin noted that Mavis “does not object” but rather “consents to it” and “wants” it, which is why he formally recommended that it be approved.

Jay, 73, filed for the conservatorship in January to set up a living trust for Mavis in case anything happened to him amid her own health issues.

In the new filing, Cohen explained that Jay “loves his wife very much” and waited to file the conservatorship until he felt it was necessary “out of respect to her.”

Jay Leno and Mavis Leno
Leno filed for a conservatorship over his wife in January amid her declining health. Getty Images
Jay Leno and Mavis Leno
The former “Tonight Show” host later explained that he did it to “set up a will, in case something happens” to him. Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

According to the neurologist, Jay is “such a nice man and treats [Mavis] like gold.”

“Based on my interaction with Mr. Leno, plus some research I have done, he seems to be a standup guy,” Ostrin doubled down. “And his private persona matches the public persona he projects.”

The former “Tonight Show” host explained to the Daily Mail in January that he filed for a conservatorship over the estate to “set up a will, in case something happens.”

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Jay Leno kissing Mavis Leno
According to Mavis’ doctor, Jay treats his wife like “gold.” Getty Images
Jay and Mavis Leno
The couple wed in 1980 and share no children. Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

However, he assured the outlet that his wife — whom he was spotted out on a date with just days prior — was “doing well.” 

“She’s fine. Everybody’s good. We’re doing well,” he said.

The couple wed in 1980 and share no children.

It is not clear when Mavis was diagnosed with the disease. A hearing for the conservatorship is set for April 9.