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International Children's Day (June 1st)




International Children’s Day is annually celebrated around the entire globe. The occasion is the best day to advocate for the wellness and rights of all children.

This holiday is especially important to child rights activism. It calls for all to reflect on the progress made in the name of children.

Yet, it reminds us of the continued fight for every child’s right to safety and Education. Above all, it reminds us how all children have the right to a life free of discrimination or exploitation.

History of International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day dates back to the first half of the twentieth century. The event emerged in response to the use of child labor throughout much of the Industrial Revolution.

Subsequent global coNFLicts followed that era. Children faced widespread harms during World Wars I and II.

In particular, World War II caused extreme trauma. They were displaced from their homes and lost their parents and siblings. Many lost access to Education and adequate Health care. With adults fighting, Nazi Germany forced Eastern European and Jewish children aged 12 and up into labor.

The damage to children was not happening only on the European front. In the United States, the government forced entire families of Japanese Americans into internment camps. Many of those affected were second- and third-generation American-born citizens.

Several international forums and children’s rights groups worked together to call attention to the ongoing rights violations of children.

In 1857, Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard hosted an earlier iteration of Children’s Day, holding a special service for children in his church. This practice would evolve and gain traction. His efforts led to a wider recognition of the need to dedicate a day to children’s issues.

Progress toward declaring International Children’s Day made real headway in Geneva in 1925. Later, the Women’s International Democratic Federation called for a special day to advocate for children at their meeting in Mostow on November 4, 1949. The first day was to be celebrated June 1, 1950.

Another affirming step occurred in 1959 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. This document laid down fundamental rights to be universally safeguarded for children. This day has since become a symbol of the ongoing fight against child abuse, neglect, and deprivation of basic rights​​.

How to Celebrate International Children’s Day

Celebrating International Children’s Day can be both a joyous and meaningful occasion. It’s a day to revel in our younger generation’s innocence and potential and contribute positively to their growth and protection.

Here are some creative and inclusive ways to commemorate this special day:

Organize International Children’s Day Events

Bring the community together for a fun-filled day dedicated to children. Here are a few activities to consider:

  • Hold outdoor games
  • Have art-and-craft stations
  • Invite local authors to staff storytelling corners.

These activities entertain and foster a sense of community and belonging among children.

Educational Workshops

Arrange workshops in schools or community centers. Workshops can focus on children’s rights. They can also reaffirm the importance of a quality Education.

Interactive sessions with child development experts can provide valuable insights. These will also empower children with knowledge about their rights and potential.

Volunteer and Support

Contribute your time to local shelters, orphanages, or NGOs dedicated to children’s welfare. Engaging in activities like these:

  • Reading to children
  • Tutoring or helping with homework
  • Playing

Even just talking with them can have a profound impact.

Promote Healthy Living

Organize a sports day or a yoga session for children. The day should focus on the importance of physical health and well-being. Nutritional workshops can also be a part of teaching children about healthy eating habits.

Artistic Expressions

Host a children’s art exhibition or a talent show. Encourage children to express themselves through various art forms.

They may enjoy painting, singing, dancing, or storytelling. This boosts their confidence. But it also allows the community to celebrate and recognize their talents.

Global Connection

With technology, connect with children from around the world. Arrange virtual cultural exchanges. During these events, children can share stories and songs.

If they feel up to it, they can also share experiences from their diverse backgrounds. This will help support global understanding and empathy.

Advocacy and Awareness

Use this day to speak up loudly for children’s rights. Organize awareness campaigns and seminars in person. Participate in social media initiatives highlighting issues like child labor, and education for all. Remind people about the fight against child abuse.

Family Bonding

Encourage families to dedicate this day to doing activities that their children love. Be it a picnic in the park, a visit to a museum, or simply a movie night at home, the essence lies in spending quality time together and making children feel valued and loved.

International Children’s Day is more than just a reminder to mark on your calendar. Instead, it’s a call to action. It should also remind us of our responsibility toward the wellness and future of the world’s youngest citizens.