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In a Heartwarming Video That Has Moved People to Tears, a Limping Dog Tied to a Pole is Rescued by an Animal Rescue Team




The animal rescue team took care of the limping dog and helped it get back on its feet.

In a heartwarming video that has moved people to tears, you can see how a dog tied down on a pole was rescued by an animal rescue team. The video was shared by the Instagram handle @bullu_bow_bow. Since being posted, the video has gone viral. Many people thanked the rescue team for their brilliant efforts.

Snapshot of the dog who had bent legs.(Instagram/@bullu_bow_bow)

The video opens to show a dog tied to a pole. As the animal rescue team comes across it, they quickly take it back to their home and take care of it. Further in the video, they show how the dog’s Health has progressed. It can be seen running around in a ground instead of limping.

In the caption of the post, @bullu_bow_bow wrote, “He was left tied on the pole by a nearby shop owner who didn’t want to take care of him because of his bent legs so we brought him home with us.”

Watch the video of the dog being rescued here: