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FS Scariest job in the world: Meet the workers building a 3ft wide wooden road on a steep cliff ‎




If you suffer from vertigo, look away now.

While some people would find it unbearable to go anywhere near the edge of a cliff, these Chinese workers are building a 3ft-wide road made of wooden planks on the face of one that’s thousands of feet high.

Once finished, it is hoped sightseers will flock to here to edge along and admire the views.

The ‘road’ – the width of a dinner table – they’re assembling is on Shifou Mountain in Hunan Province and stands vertical at 90 degrees without any slopes or alcoves.

What’s more, the from China’s eastern Jiangxi Province toil away on it with what appear to be few if any safety measures.

Don’t look down: Teetering on the edge this builder inspects his handiwork. When finished the road will stretch for 1.8 miles, making it China¿s longest sightseeing path

I can see for miles: This worker reaches out to tighten the scaffolding on the ‘road’ which is the width of a dinner table

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The long drop: Once the path is built, the question is how many sightseers will actually want to walk along it?

The scene is a terrifying one for those from health and safety conscious nations such as ours. The planks look distinctly thin and rickety and a fall to certain death is just inches away – but this doesn’t appear to faze the workers who toil away fearlessly every day.

When finished the road will stretch for 1.8 miles, making it China’s longest sightseeing path.

The question that many people will be asking is: Who will be brave enough to walk around it once it’s finished?

Hang time: Surely there must be easier ways to make a living? The structure is being built on Shifou Mountain in Hunan Province

Up, up and away: The road the workers are building is just 3ft wide and – at present – there are plenty of gaps in it…