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Facebook launches vertical video display to rival TikTok




Following the widespread popularity of vertical videos on platforms like TikTok, Meta's Facebook is now introducing an updated vertical display and recommendations algorithm.

Tech insider websites such as The Verge have reported on the rollout of a new vertical screen format for all videos on Facebook's mobile versions.

This change is highly anticipated and represents a significant improvement to the platform's video player. Previously, Facebook had different formats for its videos, with reels or short videos playing in full-screen vertical format, while longer videos played horizontally, depending on their length or the viewer's orientation.

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Now, Facebook is transitioning to supporting all lengths of videos in a full-screen vertical-oriented format. Meta disclosed this new format in a blog post on Wednesday.

"We're introducing an updated video player on Facebook that brings together Reels, longer videos, and Live content all in one fullscreen, engaging experience. The updated video player is rolling out on iOS and Android first in the US and Canada, and globally in the coming months," explained Facebook in the blog post.

The blog post also highlighted improvements in video recommendations for all lengths. Now, all posted clips are available in a TikTok-like vertical feed. Additionally, users will have the option to watch "most videos" simply by flipping their phones.

Facebook also mentioned simplifying the user interface for reactions, with improved sliders and options for jumping backward or forward in videos.

Furthermore, Facebook provided insights from the new algorithmic update, which is particularly significant for creators.

"High-quality and engaging videos, regardless of type and length, perform well on Facebook. While we'll recommend videos to people regardless of length or type, creators will notice that our updated recommendations will show even more Reels to match increased viewer demand," the blog post stated.