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Desperate Otter Seeks Refuge on Man’s Boat, Narrowly Escaping the Jaws of a Pursuing Killer Whale




A close experience between a killer whale and his victim, an otter, is something 37-year-old John Dornellas recently experienced up close and personal.

Donellas, that deals with an Alaskan exploration Business and gives area boat trips, saw a near-death experience right before his very eyes.

Dornellas was out on his watercraft when he saw a commotion taking place in the water. He recognized something was rapidly swimming closer and closer to his watercraft to avoid being eaten by a killer whale. The whale’s dorsal fin can be seen closing in as an otter hurriedly attempts to avoid being killed.

Suddenly, the otter appears out of the water and takes refuge on the boat with Donellas, who can not think what he is seeing.

” Are you kidding me,” Donellas claims aloud as he movies the encounter. “Come on up bud,” he informs the otter.

Sea otter being chased by a killer whale leaps to safety on a boat | Daily Mail Online

For the next several minutes, the otter stays safely aboard the watercraft as the killer whale circles his prey. At one point, the otter goes back into the water and after that changes his mind in favor of the boat.

The extremely close encounter lasted a while, as the otter eventually plunged back right into the water once the killer whale distanced himself from the boat.

Watch this unbelievable experience by pressing use the video clip below. We are glad this little guy had a happy ending!