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Dave Portnoy, 47, caught on camera with Camryn D’Aloia, 25, at Celtics game in Miami




Dave Portnoy was spotted hanging out with a blond beauty at an NBA game Monday night.

TV cameras caught the Barstool Sports founder, 47, chatting with Camryn D’Aloia, 25, as they sat behind the Sportscasters during the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat’s live broadcast.

At one point during the sighting, Portnoy can be seen turning to his new gal pal to make a remark with a smile on his face, prompting her to then make a cheeky face.

Dave Portnoy and Camryn D'Aloia at an NBA game.
Dave Portnoy was spotted hanging out with Camryn D’Aloia at an NBA game. lizzieguyott /TikTok; TNT
Dave Portnoy and Camryn D'Aloia at an NBA game.
The pair were watching the Boston Celtics play the Miami Heat at the Kaseya Center. lizzieguyott /TikTok; TNT
Dave Portnoy and Camryn D'Aloia at an NBA game.
Cameras caught them casually chatting. lizzieguyott /TikTok; TNT

The Game took place at the Kaseya Center in Miami, so D’Aloia — who is from the Businessman’s home state of Massachusetts — flew down to South Florida to attend the event.

According to her LinkedIn, she works as a community management associate for the hair growth company Nutrafol, and graduated from Framingham State University in 2021.

A social media user shared the clip on TikTok Monday, and wrote over it, “Portnoy with a new girl at the Celtics,” adding the shifty eyes emoji.

Page Six has reached out to both Portnoy and D’Aloia for comment on whether they are dating or just friends but did not immediately hear back.

It’s unclear if Portnoy and D’Aloia are dating or just friends. Instagram/@camrynkdaloia

This is the first time the media mogul has been seen spending time with another woman out in public since his split from Silvana Mojica last November.

The former couple dated for nearly three years. Mojica, 28, shared in a tearful video on TikTok following the breakup that Portnoy had been the one to end the relationship and that she was heartbroken.

“Imagine you buy these for someone and then get broken up with,” the Colombian model wrote over the emotional clip at the time.

Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica.
This is Portnoy’s first sighting with a new woman since his split from Silvana Mojica. Jackson Lee
Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica.
The Barstool Sports founder broke up with the Colombian model last November. GC Images

Portnoy later revealed on his “BFFs” podcast that he had decided to call it quits with Mojica because their futures weren’t aligned.

“I guess you get to a point where you think maybe there’s a difference in what somebody wants and what the other person wants and without going into too much detail, I just didn’t think I could give Silvana kind of what she deserves,” he explained in November 2023.

Mojica did not seem to take the split well at first, sharing via social media that she had been “crying” and having “panic attacks,” particularly because she was still living in Portnoy’s home at the time.

Silvana Mojica.
Mojica has been candid about her heartbreak on social media. silvanamojica/Instagram
Dave Portnoy kissing Silvana Mojica.
Portnoy and Mojica were together for nearly three years. Instagram/@silvanamojica
Dave Portnoy.
Portnoy said he ended the relationship because he and Mojica wanted different things. BFFs Podcast/Barstool Sports

The brunette beauty eventually did move out of her ex’s home, but as of earlier this month, she still appeared to be struggling.

Mojica wrote over a TikTok video of her crying on April 19, “fully convinced my brain will never feel okay again.” She then appeared more hopeful a day later, writing over another clip, “learning to like being by myself.”

Prior to Portnoy romancing Mojica in early 2021, he was married to Renee Portnoy from 2009 to 2017.