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Crazy Footage: Bald Eagle’s Encounter Takes a Dramatic Turn When Tiny Crab Fights Back, Delivering a Feisty Claw to the Face




We all know Bald Eagles as the kings of the skies here in North America.

They’re relentless hunters, yet also graceful, majestic birds that are willing to do whatever they can to provide for both themselves and their eaglets.

We’ve seen a number of wild videos featuring Bald Eagles, and in particular, ones where they literally swoop in from out of nowhere and attempt to fly off with a house Pet, just like the Pet goose who was nearly swept away by one before a topless mom who was in the middle of breastfeeding her child ran out and scared it away.

However, as tough as these birds can be, everybody gets humbled once in a while.

Just like in this video.

Here we have a Bald Eagle sitting atop a rock, when it notices a tiny crab crawling directly below the surface of the water.

The eagle notices the crab, and sees a perfect opportunity for dinner.

The bird then pecks the crab from straight out of the water, but the crab ain’t goin’ down without a fight, using its claws to pinch the eagle’s face.

The eagle thrashes about, trying desperately to get the crab off, falling into the water and nearly drowning before he was able to free himself from the grasp of the crab.

Finally, the eagle realizes that it simply didn’t want the smoke from the much smaller creature, and takes off. The crab lives to fight another day, and the poor eagle flies off with its tail between its legs… bested by a tiny crab.

As the old saying goes, “f*ck around and find out.”

Well, the eagle found out…