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China Extends Visa-Free Travel to 12 Countries Till 2025




China has decided to extend its visa-free travel programme for citizens of 12 countries to December 31, 2025. This visa waiver extension is intended to promote tourism and cultural exchange between China and certain countries.

Nationals from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland can now visit China for short-term trips free of visa restraints.

China had dropped visa requirements for several countries at the end of 2023, including Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. Travellers from Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Ireland, and Switzerland were granted visa exemption in March 2024.

Key details of China’s visa-free travel policy extension

China’s visa-free policy is available for Travellers who enter the country for tourism, Business, visiting friends and family, or transit purposes. However, those who Travel to China free from visa restraints cannot exceed a stay of 15 consecutive days. Travellers from the above-mentioned exempt countries and nationals of other countries who want to enter China for purposes other than the above must apply for a visa as per the regular process.

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This extension provides a fantastic opportunity to explore China’s rich culture and stunning landscapes. Beijing, one of its most popular destinations, offers diverse and amazing experiences. From exploring the Forbidden City, enjoying Peking Duck at a local establishment, visiting the vibrant Summer Palace and walking up the Great Wall of China, to walking around Tiananmen Square and checking out Beijing Zoo, Beijing promises diverse new experiences for Travellers.

Other popular destinations in China include the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which inspired the backdrops of Avatar. Ride a cable car here, walk along precarious-looking skywalks and bridges, and enjoy nature’s splendour. Guilin is another favourite, especially for those travelling with families, thanks to plenty of adventure activities including river cruises, countryside cycling, and exploring limestone caves. Other crowd favourites for tourism in China include Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangdong, and Chengdu.

(Feature image credit: Hanson Lu/Unsplash)

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