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Burn with Kearns: Unveiling the blueprint for the 50+ year old, part 9: Yoga – Kevin Kearns




by Kevin Kearns, contributing writer on exercise and fitness

Unveiling the Blueprint for the 50+ Year Old, Part Nine: Embracing Yoga as a Path to Strength and Resilience

Fifteen years ago, if you had told me I’d be hitting the yoga mat at least three times a week, I’d have thought you were out of your mind. But here I am, living proof of the transformative power of yoga. Back in the day, I was all about bulking up with weights, pushing my body to its limits. But as I got older, those gains started to take their toll. Constant injuries, monthly visits to the physiotherapist – it was clear something needed to change.

Enter Ronnie, a Petite powerhouse of a yoga teacher who opened my eyes to a whole new world of fitness. Despite my initial skepticism, Ronnie showed me that yoga wasn’t just for the faint of heart – it was a Game-changer for anyone looking to build strength, flexibility, and mental resilience. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy letting go of my ego and embracing a practice that challenged me in ways I never thought possible.

But as the years went by, I began to see the benefits of incorporating yoga into my daily routine. Not only did it keep me injury-free and finely tuned for my other pursuits like martial arts, but it also brought a sense of balance and clarity to my life that I never knew was possible. Now, at almost 58, I’m grateful every day for the gift of flexibility – both in body and mind.

So if you’re ready to unlock your full potential and age gracefully, I urge you to give yoga a try. It’s not just about touching your toes or holding a downward dog – it’s about embracing discomfort, finding peace in chaos, and learning to breathe through life’s challenges. Trust me, your future self will thank you for it.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration to get started, check out the yoga workouts included in this article. Together, let’s make every day a great one.

Make it a great day! – Relentless Coach Kearns


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Coach Kevin Kearns has been coaching in the world of fitness, nutrition, and tactical self defense for over 3 decades. As the former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pro Fighters, and ranked in the Top 5 in the UFC , he is no stranger to the the importance of proper nutrition and proper mindset programming. He has long advocated to all his clients – athletes or the general population – about the importance of programming mind, body and spirit. Coach Kevin Kearns BS FMS CPT – Former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pros Ranked in Top 5 by the UFC Personal Fitness Coach, Author, Columnist, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Youth Wellness Program Provider, Certification Specialist, Personal Self Defense, and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Specialist.

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