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binh. The man took the eggs of a giant mother snake, unaware that mothers will do anything to protect their young, leading to a perilous encounter with the enraged serpent.




This story shows us the Mother Nature, that exists in all creatures even in snakes! The man in video below decides to try his luck by taking the eggs of a huge mama snake! The man wants to take all the eggs from the mama without noticing that any mama does what she can to protect her kids!

So, at first the mama snake wrapped herself around the eggs trying to protect them, as they just hatched! It was obvious that she liked being a new mama, but the man had another opinion as he tried to take them into another place!

However, the mama snake just did what every mama does as she tried to attack the man in order to protect the eggs!

The man was able to prevent the attack of the snake, whose breed is Burmese, which means that she can lay more than 30 eggs in average! Furthermore, some of Burmese Pythons lay more than 100 eggs in a time!

Eventually, the man was able to take the eggs from the mama! The video went viral and many viewers wished that the man had not taken the eggs from the mama snake and just made sure that everything was alright! What do you think?! Watch the video below.