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B83.Hollywood Royalty’s Retreat: Brad Pitt’s Historic D.L. James House in Carmel




Brad Pitt, an icon of Hollywood with an impeccable eye for design, has found a true sanctuary in the historic D.L. James house in  Carmel, California. This breathtaking residence, known as “Seaward,” is a masterpiece of architecture and a testament to Pitt’s refined taste and love for History. Perched majestically on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the house offers an extraordinary blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and luxurious living.

The D.L. James house, designed by the renowned architect Charles Greene and completed in 1918, is a stunning example of the Arts and Crafts movement intertwined with Mediterranean Revival iNFLuences. Constructed from locally quarried sandstone, the home seems to emerge organically from the rocky landscape, its earthy hues blending seamlessly with the surroundings. The rugged stone walls, arched windows, and red-tiled roof exude a timeless elegance, making the house both visually striking and harmoniously integrated with nature.

As you step through the intricately carved wooden doors, you are welcomed into a world where every detail has been thoughtfully crafted. The interior spaces are adorned with rich wooden beams, custom-made furnishings, and exquisite carvings, reflecting Greene’s dedication to artisanal craftsmanship. The spacious living areas, with their high ceilings and expansive windows, offer panoramic views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, filling the home with natural light and creating an airy, serene atmosphere.

The living room, with its cozy fireplace and elegant décor, serves as the heart of the home, providing a perfect setting for both relaxation and Entertainment. The adjacent dining room, equally stunning, is designed for both intimate dinners and grand gatherings, with large windows that frame the breathtaking ocean views. Each room in the house is a testament to refined taste and artistic expression, creating a cohesive yet diverse experience as you move through the space.