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B83.An inspiring canine captivates hearts despite visual impairment, proving that resilience and spirit transcend physical limitations, inspiring us all to embrace life’s challenges with courage and grace.




We love dogs that have big, sweet, adorable eyes, but we also love those good boys and girls without their eyeballs. They may have lost their eyes, but their hearts continue to grow endlessly.


Meet Cabo, the TikTok-famous dog who has no eyes and has gained over 600,000 followers on his account. He was born with eyes, but both were removed due to illness. It is difficult for him to live without being able to see things.


However, dogs that lose their sight are extremely adaptable. For this reason, Cabo has quickly adapted to the world around him without sight. Lack of vision does not affect your ability to go out and explore.


Just like any blind dog, Cabo still loves life and his family. It’s showing the world that losing your sight isn’t the worst thing if you have a loving family to snuggle and cuddle with.


Cabo has taught us that love is not what you see, but what you feel. And with her sweet heart, maybe she can teach us all to see beyond the appearance and love what’s inside.