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Aww Blind Cow Falls In Love With The Man Who Sings For Her Every Day



Once upon a time there was a heartwarming story, about a connection, between a man and a cow named Helen.
Helen, the bovine was born blind on a dairy farm. Is now 19 years old.
Despite her disability she formed a bond with a farmer who made the decision not to send her off for slaughter when she could no longer produce milk.
Of treating her as another product the farmer recognized Helens inherent worth. He dedicated years to nurturing their connection and ensuring her well being.
However as time passed the farmer realized that he needed to find Helen a home that could cater to her needs.
when Uncle Neils sanctuary came into the picture. It’s an animal haven that gladly welcomed Helen when they heard about her story.
For the five months Helen has been living at the sanctuary as a resident. She brings joy and warmth to everyone to meet her.
Naturally adjusting to an environment posed some challenges for Helen especially considering she is blind. She had spent 19 years confined in a stall without any cow companionship or freedom to graze.
The team, at the sanctuary went above. Beyond to make sure Helen felt comfortable and at ease.
They spoke to her kindly assuring her of their intentions and showering her with love.
To help Helen navigate her surroundings the team came up with solutions. They set up a camera to keep an eye on her placed a powered fountain in her water trough so she could find it by sound and hung wind chimes around her pasture.
These chimes not helped guide her back to rest. Also provided a soothing melody that Helen grew fond of.
One of the heartwarming moments at the sanctuary happened when Helen approached a staff member while he was cleaning the pasture.
In a gesture she began rubbing against him using her head to show affection. This was Helens way of giving hugs—a sign that she felt safe loved and content in her home.
Life at the sanctuary has had an effect on Helen. She has made cow friends. Is always eager to show affection whether its towards other cows or the humans who care for her.
If you’re around Helen get ready, for an outpouring of licks—her signature way of showing love.
Helen finds joy, in the pleasures that fill her days.
She enjoys grazing, basking in the breeze created by wind chimes and savoring the melodies they create.
Music holds a significance for her.
Her all time favorite melody? It’s the version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow ” a song that is frequently played for her at the sanctuary.
Witness Helens heartwarming response as she listens to her cherished song in the video
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