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Arieb Azhar mourns instrument maker Muhammad Ziauddin




Instrument maker MuhaMMAd Ziauddin, hailing from Lahore, has bid farewell to this world, leaving behind a legacy of musical craftsmanship and cultural preservation. The news of his passing was shared by acclaimed musician Arieb Azhar on Facebook, highlighting Ziauddin's unique personality, wisdom, and contribution to Pakistan's musical heritage.

"Just found out that the great maestro instrument maker from Lahore, MuhaMMAd Ziauddin, passed on from this world four days ago. He was a one-of-a-kind personality, full of wisdom and humour!" penned Azhar in a note on Facebook.

Continuing to pay tribute, Azhar furthered, "On multiple occasions, I spent several hours at his shop listening to his stories and jokes, and benefitting from his vast knowledge about the musical traditions of Pakistan. He was a master of making Sitar, Sarod, Sarangi and Surmandal as well as other stringed instruments and his family has been making instruments for 300 years"

Many individuals, including Azhar, had the privilege of spending hours at Ziauddin's shop, where they not only marvelled at his instruments but also soaked in his stories, jokes, and vast knowledge of Pakistan's musical traditions. Ziauddin's dedication to his craft was evident, as he poured his heart and soul into each instrument he created.

Azhar added, " He was one of the main subjects featured in our film 'Indus Blues' about the endangered musical instruments of Pakistan. But despite being the recipient of a Presidential award, he didn't even manage to own the shop he worked at. These are the people that our State needs to invest in and support in order to revive a culture of decency and beauty in the world." 

In his tribute, Azhar lamented the lack of support for artisans like Ziauddin, emphasizing the need for investment and support from the state to revive and sustain Pakistan's cultural heritage. Ziauddin's passing is not only a loss for his family and the music community but also a reminder of the importance of recognizing and preserving the contributions of individuals like him. "Our country has lost a gem and isn't even aware," added Azhar. He concluded, "His worthy son Kashan carries on his father's legacy. May Ziauddin Sahab's eternal journey be forever blessed!"

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