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4t.Taco Bell is Testing a New Line of Frozen Coffee and Milkshakes – Try It Now!




Wendy’s and its Frosty Cream Cold Brew better watch out: Taco Bell is diving into the world of frozen coffee — and shakes.

On Dec. 12, Taco Bell announced the debut of Coffee Chillers and Churro Chillers, its first-ever line of frozen coffee and shakes. Inspired by “authentic Mexican flavors,” according to the company, Chillers will start being tested on Dec. 15 in two Taco Bell locations in California.

First, Taco Bell’s Coffee Chiller is a 16-ounce, blended iced coffee topped with a layer of cold foam. The cold foam is available in three different flavors: Mexican Chocolate, Caramel Churro and Spiced Vanilla.

Coffee Chillers
Churro Chillers come in four flavors

The Churro Chiller is a 16-ounce, blended shake topped with a layer of cold foam and churro crumbles, available in four flavors: Mexican Chocolate, Dulce de Leche Coffee, Wild Strawberry and Sweet Vanilla, which has a purple tint.

“We’re always pushing the boundaries to deliver bold and craveable Mexican-inspired flavors our fans have come to expect from us and these frozen drinks showcase how far our innovation goes,” said Taylor Montgomery, CMO of Taco Bell U.S., in a news release. “We are constantly listening to what our fans are craving next and we are thrilled to offer them a frozen creation that’s just as delicious and desirable as their favorite menu item.”

frozen coffees and shakes

Unfortunately for most of the country, these sweet sips are only available as part of a two-restaurant test in Southern California. They will available all day at the following Taco Bell locations, while supplies last, starting Dec. 15:

  • Coffee Chillers: 27770 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • Churro Chillers: 2222 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606
frozen coffees and shakes

Both Chillers beverages will cost $4.19. Taco Bell notes that the drinks are excluded from Happier Hour, the three-hour window where your local Taco Bell sells $1 medium drinks and regular freezes.

Other Taco Bell tests in 2023

The culinary minds at Taco Bell have been hard at work testing new menu items this year. In June, the chain tested a Vegan Crunchwrap in “notable vegan populations” — meaning Los Angeles, California, New York City and Orlando, Florida.

In August, it tested a Baja Blast-flavored gelato at one restaurant: the Campus Drive location in Irvine, California.

frozen coffees and shakes

Then, in October, it tested Chicken Nuggets, marinated in a spiced jalapeño buttermilk, breaded and fried, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were well-received by customers who were able to try them, with one social media user tweeting, “Taco Bell Chicken Nuggets > McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets.” (Fighting words!)