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4t.McDonald’s is developing a new version of the Snack Wrap – what a surprise




The prayers of so many portable poultry fans may finally be answered.

McDonald’s Snack Wrap, the discontinued menu item that has captured the hearts of so many fans clamoring for its return, may be on its way back. Which means the “is snack wrap back at McDonald’s?” social media account may finally be able to tweet “yes” in the not-so-distant future.

Snack Wrap

McDonald’s said during its investor day on Dec. 6 that it plans to expand the footprint of the McCrispy, its “Southern-style fried chicken sandwich” with pickles served on a buttered potato roll, by offering it around the world by the end of 2025. In tandem with this plan, it hopes to eventually expand the McCrispy into wraps and tenders.

Snack Wrap

“In the U.S. Business, we have three really strong chicken brands between McChicken, Chicken McNuggets and obviously McCrispy,” Joe Erlinger, president of McDonald’s USA, said on Wednesday. “But (with) McCrispy, we’re in the early days, really building that brand and so looking forward. Will we eventually have a crispy tender? Yes. And will that allow us to eventually have a McCrispy Snack Wrap? Yes. But we’re still in the early days of doing that.”

McDonald’s reiterated this intention in a Dec. 6 press release, adding that it plans on growing to 50,000 stores by 2027, as it tests its new space-themed, beverage-focused restaurant concept: CosMc’s. The chain also said that the size of its chicken Business is on par with beef, and it continues to “aggressively expand through billion-dollar equities including McNuggets, McChicken, McCrispy and McSpicy,” which include tenders and wraps.

Snack Wrap

The original Snack Wrap, which came with grilled or crispy chicken and ranch or honey mustard sauce, has been off McDonald’s menus since 2016, when news of its discontinuation sent shockwaves through the internet. In the time since, people on social media have been begging the chain to bring it back.

Snack Wrap

Ever since its discontinuation, McDonald’s comPetitors have attempted to fill the Snack Wrap-sized hole in the hearts of the public. In March, Wendy’s introduced a Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap; in July, Taco Bell brought back the Crispy Chicken Taco (which “tastes VERY similar to a McDonald’s snack wrap,” tweeted one fan); and in August, Burger King launched BK Royal Crispy Wraps (available in Classic, Spicy and Honey Mustard flavors) for a limited time.