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Zuckerberg expects Threads as Meta's next 1bn user network




Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees Threads as Meta's next one billion user network, giving strong comPetition to Twitter.

While addressing Meta's second-quarter earnings call with investors on Wednesday, Zuckerberg expressed his expectations for Threads.

He said, "It’s a weird anomaly in the tech industry that there hasn’t been an app like this for text-based convos that has reached one billion people.”

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Although Threads reached the fastest 100 million signups, the engagement rate has dropped since its launch. However, Zuckerberg says that “tens of millions” of people are still using the app daily.

He added, “I’m highly confident we’re going to be able to pour enough gasoline on this to help it grow.”

Threads has not yet been promoted on other Meta platforms. Once the app has a strong hold on its basics, its marketing will be started.

Moreover, once Threads reaches a certain number of signups, it will allow ads on its platform.