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Why isn’t Jeffery Simmons playing for the Titans against the Dolphins?




In the Game against the Indianapolis Colts, Jeffery Simmons, the defensive lineman of the Tennessee Titans, had to leave the field in the third quarter due to a knee injury. The injury occurred when the Colts were on their third quarter’s first drive. After a play, Simmons stayed on the ground, and Titans medical personnel immediately rushed to check on him. He then walked off the field with them but returned to the Game after several plays without entering the injury tent.

However, Simmons could not play for long and left the field again, limping and holding his hurt knee. Due to the severity, he was immediately ruled out for the remainder of the Game.

Simmons’ prolonged absence is a blow to the Titans’ roster, as he is one of their star players and a key contributor to their defense.

Simmons is a two-time pro bowler who has played for the Titans for five seasons. Since 2019, when he was the 19th overall pick in the NFL Draft, he has accumulated impressive statistics, including 139 solo tackles, 94 assists, 26.5 sacks, and 4 fumble recoveries.

This season, he has already recorded 5.5 sacks from 30 tackles, produced one fumble, and had zero interceptions.

Will this be a season-ending injury?

The Tennessee Titans have high hopes for Jeffery Simmons, but they should be concerned about his well-being. Simmons is a valuable defensive player who signed a four-year contract before the start of the season, worth $94 million. However, as he is in his first year with the team, rushing him back onto the field would be unwise, particularly if it could jeopardize his ability to fulfill the contract’s expectations.

Simmons is currently nursing a knee injury, and it would be foolish to risk further damage by pushing him to play in end-of-season Games that are essentially meaningless. He is considered a cornerstone of the Titans’ defense, and the team is banking on him to make key plays in future seasons when they have a real chance of success.

At the same time, the Titans face an almost certain loss against the Miami Dolphins in Week 14, which would eliminate them from any playoff dreams. It’s not likely for the Titans to make it to the playoffs this season. Hence, losing Games for not having Simmons in the remaining fixtures would be a better approach for the team’s long-term strategy. Moreover, allowing him to play despite his bad injury would be an act of imprudence that could threaten his future.