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The Illuminati Control Of Space




How the world’s governments manipulate and control information related to alleged contacts with aliens, including so-called reptilians of the Anunnaki type.

Well, the American researcher William Cooper between January 1947 and December 1952, at least sixteen alien ships crashed or were shot down, of which sixty-five bodies and one survivor were recovered. Thirteen of these incidents occurred within the US borders, one in Arizona, eleven in New Mexico and one more in Nevada. Of the other three, one occurred in Norway and another in Mexico. On those dates, UFO sightings were so frequent that it was impossible to investigate each case, since the available information was very deficient.

On February 13, 1948, an alien ship was found on a plateau near Aztec, New Mexico and later another, more than thirty meters in diameter, in the same area, on March 25. Cooper reports that seventeen alien bodies were found on these ships, in which a large number of parts of human beings were stored in special compartments. From that moment, the thick curtain of top secrecy was drawn to hide everything related to the extraterrestrial theme. Three months earlier, in December 1947, a special group of scientists had been created to study the phenomenon, called Project Signal, a name they would change to Project Grudge a year later. In the early years complete control of the alien secret was in the hands of the United States Air Force (USAF) and the CIA.

Later the National Security Act was passed which created the National Security Council (NSC) to oversee the intelligence community and especially alien research. The CIA expanded its scope, previously dealing with intelligence outside the country, thanks to a series of executive orders from the NSC that empowered it to take direct action in the form of clandestine activities at home and abroad. Supposedly, on November 4, 1952, President Truman founded the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA) by secret executive order. Its main objective was to decipher alien communications and languages so that a dialogue with the aliens could be established. The secondary goal was monitoring all communications and transmissions from any device in the world, both human and alien, and keeping the presence of aliens on Earth hidden.

Also by executive order, the NSA was exempted from complying with any law that does not specifically mention it in its regulatory text. In other words, he was granted carte blanche to proceed as he deemed necessary. In 1989, the year of Cooper’s conference, the NSA had received 75 percent of the national intelligence budget. At that time, the main task of this agency was the alien issue. The Soviet Union, as well as the other allies of the United States during World War II, was informed by President Truman about the alien problem in case this could pose a threat to the planet. In this sense, joint defense plans were formulated in the event of an invasion. At that time it was not easy to keep these exchanges of information secret, hence an international group was created to coordinate international efforts and protect them from the reach of other governments and the press.

Shortly after Eisenhower accessed President Truman, who had access to some secret information about a possible alien invasion of Earth and promptly informed the Soviet Union and its European partners. the presidency of the United States in 1953, asked his friend and colleague from the Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR), Nelson Rockefeller, for help on the issue at hand, a collaboration that materialized in the creation of the secret group called MJ-12 . This collaboration was reflected in the secret executive memorandum NSC 5410 of 1954 to which the president attached another, NSC 5412/1 in which a permanent committee was established, the Majority Twelve (MJ-12) whose mission would be to supervise and guide the activities “covert” related to aliens. This committee busied itself with explaining the purpose of the MJ-12 meetings when Congress and the press began asking questions. The Majority Twelve consisted of the following members: Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Welsh Dulles, John Foster Dulles, Charles E. Wilson, Admiral Arthur W. Radford, J. Edgar Hoover, and six male members of the CFR executive committee known as the “wise men.” ». The latter were part of a secret group, the Jason society that recruited its members, among others, from Skull & Bones.

The wisest Illuminati: The Jasons, The Jason Society

The Jason Society takes its name from the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece and is a branch of the Order of the Quest, one of the top grades of the Illuminati. The Golden Fleece represents the truth” for the members of this society. and Jason symbolizes the search for truth. In William Cooper’s opinion, President Eisenhower had commissioned the Jason Society to examine the available evidence, whether true or misinformation, to find the truth about the alien issue.

There also existed, and probably still exists, a Jason group, distinct from the society of the same name. The founders of this group could have belonged to the Manhattan project that brought together the best physicists responsible for the construction of the atomic bomb during World War II. In 1987, the group’s members included four Nobel Prize winners among their ranks, and assuming they were still operating today, they would be offering the United States government scientific help that it cannot find elsewhere. Its activity takes place in the shadows and may have guided the most important decisions on the security of the nation, among other matters, Star Wars, the submarine and the evolution of the greenhouse effect. According to information from the Pentagon, the Jasons have the highest and most restrictive security clearances in the country. They hold the formal rank of two-star admiral when traveling on ships or visiting military bases. Both the company and the Jason group are shrouded in a thick veil of mystery and only on one occasion was there a leak of information. Its name does not appear in any document because its members are attached to a private company.

Alternative 3

In 1957, a symposium was held in the US that brought together the greatest scientific minds of those times. They concluded that around the year 2000, the planet would self-destruct due to overpopulation and irreversible exploitation of the environment. In this context it is pertinent to mention a scientific documentary on British television and then a novel that talked about the possible alternatives to save the earth and the choice for the third, called Alternative 3.

At 9:00 p.m. on June 20, 1977, Anglia Television, a private channel in Norwich, England, broadcast a controversial documentary lasting just over an hour. The title of the program was “Alternative 3,” the latest in the “Scientific Report” series. The content referred to a far-reaching conspiracy that accused the United States Government and NASA. The most controversial section was a footage from a movie provided to the program team by a worker at NASA headquarters. In this sequence, which seemed authentic, an American astronaut was shown landing on Mars and saying: “Wow, when this is declassified, it will be the most important day in History, it is May 22, 1962, we are on Mars and there is life.” ».

What sparked public concern, however, was not the possible manned landing on Mars, but the news that the Earth was dying and that outcasts from society were being abducted and taken into space to serve as slaves on another planet. . Viewers were informed that our planet was doomed and that there were only three alternatives to survive. The first one spoke of blowing two large holes in the ozone layer with nuclear explosives, although this solution would cause skin cancer on a large scale. Alternative 2 proposed creating underground cities for the “chosen,” while the rest of civilization would have to fend for itself on the dying surface of the planet. Finally, Alternative 3 was to evacuate the planet. As communicated in the documentary, the third alternative was already underway and had the best scientists in the world in a top-secret operation, but the narrator said that many of these scientists had disappeared.

At the end of the programme, the Anglia TV switchboard collapsed due to hundreds of calls from an alarmed public who were immediately informed that this was not true. The following day, the country’s newspapers supported the denial of the television network and the London Times in particular, saying: “Independent television companies received hundreds of protest calls the night after the broadcast of the Anglia program, Alternative 3, which had provided alarming data on changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. It was pure fiction and the intention was to air it on April 1 (April Fool’s Day in Great Britain).”

The British researcher, Georgina Bruni, did not believe the official denial of the facts. She wondered how a prestigious team of science reporters had come together to pull off such a hoax, and thought that during their research to make the air pollution documentary, Anglia’s team discovered secret information that some wanted to suppress at all costs. When key witnesses did not want to appear on the show, actors were hired to fill in for them. Bruni also verified that the metal container that kept the film Alternative 3 had mysteriously disappeared from the Anglia archives, the only film that the chain had lost in its entire existence.

The book, Alternative 3 by Leslie Watkins and David Ambrose went much further than the televised version and without realizing it, Watkins had gotten too close to the truth. Based on hundreds of letters received from all over the world as a result of his book, he planned to write a second part: Backlash, but when he moved to Australia where he worked as editor-in-chief of Readers Digest, the trunk containing all those letters disappeared and He couldn’t get his project off the ground.

The tape of the trip to Mars

In the year 2000, former NASA technician and engineer Captain Bill Robertson gave a lecture on Alternative 3 in Germany. He emphasized some details of the video supposedly taken on Mars. He first said that the windows of the ship were not round as in the Soviet and American spacecraft used in space Travel. The ones shown on the tape were square and the ship’s fuselage was completely curved and without bolts or nuts.

He drew the public’s attention to the slow movement of the ship and reminded the audience that neither in the United States nor in Russia had there been any ships that could move in this way. Afterwards, he could see how the ship turned very slowly and then stopped and changed direction one hundred and eighty degrees. According to Robertson, this type of displacement is typical of UFOs.

Continuing with the analysis of the film, there is interference and nothing can be seen. This is explained by the presence of a high-intensity electromagnetic field that interferes with NASA’s reception and transmission signals, every time the controls, altitude or direction of the ship are changed, just as would happen with a UFO. (At this point, Robertson compared this effect to reports of flying saucer sightings and how car radios go dead or airplane compasses go haywire.)

Then the former NASA employee read the focused data from the spacecraft’s instruments: temperature: 4ºC; wind speed: 21 km/h; air pressure: 707.7 Mb. Next, the camera focuses on a tower outside the ship, supposedly a control tower, and the circular landing zones. Little by little the ship lands. Robertson then spots a brown animal in the image, a kind of mole that seems to rise out of the ground. At this point in his lecture, Robertson declares the true secret of Alternative 3, which it still is, and refers to the fact that the Americans arrived on Mars in May 1962 equipped with a radio and a television camera, but they had not manufactured the ship and did not land on Mars. They were taken as passengers on an alien ship and both the documentary and the book on Alternative 3 are a cover. After answering several questions from the public, Robertson insisted on corroborating something that worried people who had seen Anglia’s documentary – the authenticity of the disappearance of NASA scientists. He said that this organization had paid him to participate in a project together with Columbia University, New York, to build space platforms for the government.

After a few months he discovered that all the students who should have been in the second year had disappeared. Fearing for his own life, he decided to drop out of the university at the end of his first year. He was convinced that his colleagues were being sent to Mars.

Who lies?

If the researchers are right and Robertson is not a hired misinformation agent, then human and possibly alien colonies already exist on Mars and the Moon. If so, governments are hiding all that information from us. In this context, according to the researcher Al Beliek and also, Leslie Watkins in Alternative 3, when the Apollo 11 astronauts reached the Moon, they informed the Space Center in Houston that several Americans were already waiting for them in huge ships. Beliek also claims that there are colonies on Mars, but it seems that most have been destroyed or occupied, supposedly by aliens. Until twenty-five years ago there were regular transmissions from the Moon colonies until their destruction. Beliek further argues that several US-Russian joint ventures exploited the titanium-rich ores on the far side of the Moon.

Another source, who signs as “the one who knows” on the Internet, declares that the secret American lunar base in the Copernicus crater was destroyed by a Russian attack using neutron beams. Following Beliek’s line, he affirms that when in 1961 Kennedy spoke about a manned launch to the Moon at the end of the sixties, a colony already existed on our satellite and another began to be built on Mars, some three years later, a project fully funded by the Bilderberg group. This group also controlled the Pine Gap base in Australia along with the CIA. It seems that this place is an interdimensional portal used to travel to Mars.

In his book, Underground Bases and Tunnels, Richard Saunder tells that for some, Pine Gap functions simultaneously in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions and that through an interdimensional portal, it is possible to reach Mars in less than six minutes. On the other hand, Michael Relfe, author of The Mars Records, says that many military men do their service on Mars assigned to different construction projects. In the eight hundred pages of the book he talks about his experiments and affirms that the official lie in relation to Mars, UFOs, aliens, etc. It is the biggest conspiracy of all.

In conclusion, one cannot speak of an evacuation of scientists to the Moon or Mars, but of their possible kidnapping for ultra-secret projects, secret because they are going to change life on Earth. Whether for better or for worse, the answer is not within our reach.

The Trip to the Moon (1969)

According to official modern History, the first human-crewed spacecraft, Apollo 11, landed on the Moon in August 1969. In recent years many researchers have claimed that the photographs taken during the mission were not taken on our satellite but on a cinematographic macro scene of more than a kilometer long in some terrestrial base in the United States.6 This information is not incompatible with a secret mission to the Moon – a mission that was going to be received by other ships and perhaps other beings on the Moon, the same ones that had been studying the earth’s airspace since 1947. Showing the world public images with other ships, bases and even aliens would be very embarrassing; much better would be “controlled” images filmed on Earth. In the following lines I consider some of the anomalies found in the official photos.

Have you ever seen the NASA photographs taken during the first manned expedition to the moon? It is one of the many “gazapos” that several American researchers such as Bill Kaysing, author of We Never Went to the Moon (we never went to the Moon) and Rafael Rene, author of It Was Only a Paper Moon (it was only a moon of paper) have been discovering and revealing in recent years.

In 1994, journalist James M. Collier was commissioned by Victoria House Press to investigate Kaysing and Rene’s claims.

His first surprise was to discover how little had been published in the media about the Apollo missions to the Moon and that the company Grumman Aircraft, which built the lunar module, had lost all historical reports on the device, unable to make any statement about it. their mission during manned expeditions.

When he went on the trail of the Lunar Rover, the car used by the astronauts on the Apollo missions 15-16-17, NASA explained to him that the rover had been transported in a corner section of the lunar module. According to Collier, the Rover was at least two meters longer, making it impossible for it to fit in that space. Therefore, at least in that way, he could not reach the Moon.

With regard to the photographs, Collins believes that by carefully observing the images and taking into account the only lighting provided by the available sources, that is, the Sun and the light reflected by the Earth, everything seems to indicate that they are a fraud. They look like photos from a Disney studio with soft colors and diffused light and this last characteristic is impossible to occur on the Moon, since there is no atmosphere that interferes with sunlight, making the sky blue like on Earth. . Since there is no such “atmospheric prism” to filter the light on the Moon, the sky is completely black. Therefore, the dark side of the objects in the NASA photos had to be extremely black and the illuminated sides very bright.

However, they are softly lit, as if they were taken in the Earth’s atmosphere. Another technical issue that worried Collier was the temperature at which film reels used by astronauts melt. According to Kodak, this happens at +66 ºC and the temperature of the Moon shortly after the Apollo landing was +120 ºC. In addition, always according to Kodak, the films would melt inside a camera without cooling.

Other anomalies in the lunar photos include: the lack of a crater on the lunar surface during landing that was supposed to be left behind by the lunar module’s powerful descent engine; no stars are visible in the lunar sky, which according to Kaysing and others, should be clearly visible in an atmosphereless environment, and the clear imprint left by Armstrong in the dry earth of the Moon, as if it were “wet sand.” In Collier’s opinion, the aforementioned evidence is enough for NASA to make a statement. Otherwise, the US Congress would have to step in to settle the matter convincingly for taxpayers.

masonic moon landing

Although there are doubts about the veracity of the photos taken on the Moon during the 1969 Apollo mission, until now there is no investigation that proves that there was no landing on the Moon on that historic day. According to the American researcher Texe Marrs, after the placement of an American flag on the surface of our satellite, a strange ritual was held at Tranquility Base.

No footage of this ritual was transmitted to earth because it was secret and could only be viewed by adherents of the Illuminati and their Masonic apron brethren, holding it over their space suit. Today this photo of Armstrong hangs on a wall in the House of the Temple, the sanctuary of the Scottish Rite in Washington DC. Next, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, then a 32nd degree Freemason, placed the actual flag of the mission on the surface of the Moon – a flag bearing the crest of the Scottish Rite bearing a double-headed eagle, known as the phoenix. –.

At the end of the ritual, the astronauts claimed the Moon for their sovereign, the Great Architect of the Universe. Another name of this sovereign is Lucifer. On Earth, the person overseeing the Apollo 11 mission was Kenneth S. Kleinknecht, the Apollo program manager. Kleinknecht, now retired, is also a 33rd degree Freemason and his brother, C. Fred Kleinknecht is the sovereign grand commander and recognized head of Scottish Rite Masons around the world. Marrs reveals all this information and much more with images in a two-hour video – The Eagle has Landed (The eagle has landed) -.

In this tape by Texe Marrs and in the Enigma TV DVD titled Secret Space, the relationship between the US space program and Operation Paperclip is seen, through which Nazi rocket scientists such as Werner Von Braun , were brought to the United States from Germany to develop space vehicles. Later, the Freemasons were entrusted with the direction of the newly created NASA, thus integrating esoteric rites and advanced Technology. Marrs says:

“Virtually everything NASA does is infused with magic and alchemy. On the other hand, the real objective of NASA is hidden (…). Their agenda includes the use of satanic ritual magic in order for the Illuminati elite to acquire and accumulate power while the mind-controlled and manipulated population is forced into altered states of consciousness.”

In Marrs’ opinion, both NASA’s successes and failures, including crew deaths on some missions, follow predetermined scripts. He affirms that everything is a theater, a hoax; some harmless rites are made public to charm the masses. However, the most evil are secret and known only to the elite.

Despite the supposed conquest of space by the Illuminati, there are other voices that claim that it was the Nazis who reached the Moon and Mars long before the Americans. Vladimir Terziski, the Bulgarian president of the American Academy of Dissident Sciences, is the author of a report concerning a German lunar base and landing on Mars. The Nazis reached the Moon in 1942 and used Miethe and Schriever-type circular spacecraft. The ship, with a diameter of sixty meters and a height of forty-five meters, had ten floors for crew compartments. According to Terziski, the Haunibu 1 and 2 spacecraft, with a free energy propulsion unit, “tachyon”, were used after 1944 to bring people, construction materials and robots to the installation site of the lunar base and after 1945 the Germans continued their space project from their base in Antarctica.

According to the Italian researcher, Renato Vasco, Germany shared its space know-how with the Italians and Japanese during World War II. In April 1945, a crew made up of German and Japanese soldiers left Germany for Mars. Later there were other voyages, in joint American-Russian flights in 1952 and a Marconi-financed Vatican ship was launched from Argentina in 1956, reaching the red planet in two or three days.