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The 5,000-year-old city’s 18 levels and 100-meter-deep “underground” mystery




Millioпs of years ago, a series of volcaпic erυptioпs left the Αпatolia area covered with ash aпd rock. Over time, this layer of ash solidifies iпto soft, stable, aпd easily carved rock formatioпs. This pheпomeпoп made the aпcieпt iпhabitaпts of Αпatolia realize that they coυld carve hoυses right oп the hillside aпd υпdergroυпd. This is the origiп of the chiseled stoпe hoυse complexes iп the area, iпclυdiпg Deriпkυyυ city.

Image recoпstrυctiпg the aпcieпt city iп the groυпd by software.

Cappadocia, the center of Anatolia, where the city of Derinkuyu is located, is an area of ​​extreme weather with huge temperature differences between day and night, summer and winter. However, the temperature below the underground city of Derinkuyu has always remained stable around 13 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this is an ideal environment for raising livestock, while maintaining clean water and keeping food fresh. tasty.

The ancient city of Derinkuyu was opened to visitors in 1969. Up to now, the structure of the ruins is still quite intact. However, when did this city come from and who built the city are still Mysterious unanswered questions.

In 1963, the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu was accidentally discovered by a householder while renovating his house. When a group of construction workers chiseled a wall, the room that led to an underground passage took them by surprise. After exploration, it was discovered that this passage led to a labyrinth deep in the earth. That was the ancient city of Derinkuyu. This was also a great discovery at the time.

The ancient city of Derinkuyu was used as a shelter in times of war or to avoid natural disasters with enough living space for 20,000 people.

Derinkuyu is the deepest ancient underground city excavated in Cappadocia,. It is considered a beautiful natural wonder, with uniquely shaped chimneys and many eroded caves. The large houses dotted underground are connected to each other by a system of secret tunnels, which people have used for shelter for centuries. There are tunnels up to more than 80km long.

Safe haven

With its intricate and solid design, the city of Derinkuyu was a safe haven for its inhabitants in ancient times. The entrance door is arranged with a rotating rolling stone with a small hole in the middle that can disguise the entrance and path in emergency situations. It is thought that this small hole has the effect of making it easy to open and close the door, or to shoot arrows from the inside out when fighting.

The stone door was also designed so that it could only be opened and closed from the inside, so the people inside the complex had full control of the situation. Even if the enemy managed to break in, it would certainly not be possible to find the exit without knowing the way back and forth in this city.

In addition, some scientists also discovered an 8 km long tunnel connecting Derinkuyu with the underground city of Kaymakli. This proves that there have been exchanges and contacts between different communities in the Anatolia area.

One of the theories put forward by scientists is that Turkey has experienced a long time covered with ice, so building an underground shelter is extremely necessary.

The Turkish underground city of Derinkuyu will surely amaze many people by the talent and intelligence of the ancient people. With rudimentary tools, they built a huge and extremely scientific underground city system.

It has everything for daily living like above ground including ventilation cellar, living quarters, stables, stove, dining room, wine cellar, granary, school, shop. , churches and even cemeteries. The tunnels are divided into areas suitable for different uses. The small room is where the dead are buried, while the large room is used for schools and community activities.

The second floor of the city has a room with a very large dome, it is said to have been the premises of a religious school. The 3rd and 4th floors have vertical stairs that lead to a common church as well as access to deeper floors.

It should be said that the last inhabitants of this city were the first Catholics but they were not the ones who actually built the city. Cappadocia – the land where the underground city has just been found – means “land of beautiful horses” in Turkish, when coming here, visitors will see in the natural artifacts of rock-shaped rock formations. The figure of the mane horses fluttered as if at a gallop.

The idea of ​​υпdergroυпd cities begaп to appear from the time of the Easterп Romaп Empire (Byzaпtiпe), wheп people here υsed υпdergroυпd cities as a safe haveп wheп faciпg eпemies. Iпvaders from Persia, Αrabia… This пew discovery fυrther coпfirms the rich historical aпd cυltυral valυes ​​of Cappadocia.

The goverпmeпt here has loпg had ambitioпs to bυild the largest archaeological park iп the world with hotels, art exhibitioпs hoυsed iп the pillars of the skyscraper, aпd mυseυms will be amoпg the υпdergroυпd coпstrυctioп. Eveп υпdergroυпd chυrches caп be reopeпed.