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Stranger Pulls Over When He Spots A German Shepherd With Taped Muzzle And Legs




For whatever reason, people continue to abandon dogs and leave them to fend for themselves rather than seeking the assistance they need.

There are better alternatives than leaving a Pet on the side of a dangerous street, especially with its muzzle and legs tethered leaving no way for it to be able to take care of itself.

But Carl Alan saw exactly that one day while driving along with a friend. Over on the side of the road, they saw a German Shepherd with tape around her muzzle and legs preventing her from moving or barking for help. He couldn’t just leave her there, so he got out and approached.

The dog saw the man approaching and tried to get away but couldn’t.

The eight-month-old pup was so scared, she started urinating on herself.

Another passerby decided to stop, and the good Samaritans tried comforting the dog and letting her know everything was going to be okay.

Denver Animal Protection took the dog into custody to hold her for evaluation. The German Shepherd would be in great hands until eventually being rehomed.

It was a sight Carl Allen wished he didn’t have to see but is glad he did. Now, the dog will never have to know the bad side of humans ever again.

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