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Shot Day (November 8th)



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I drink to make other people more interesting

Ernest Hemingway

Do you love a good drink that goes down smooth and quick? When was the last time you went out to the bar either with friends, and family, or work colleagues? Do you enjoy shots and wonder where the idea for them came from? If you want to know more about the alcohol that you’re consuming, how it’s measured out, and what goes into favorites like the buttery nipple? What about the lemon drop or what goes into the kamikaze? Shots Day is your excuse to re-familiarize yourself with the broad range of shot drinks out there.

History of the Shot glass

There are many types of glassware in the world from those used for formal occasions, such as champagne flutes, to the smallest glass behind the bar, the shot glass. The shot glass was invented by Friedrich Otto Schott cofounder of the glassworks company Schott & Genossen. It was Americanized from Schott Glass to Shot glass. There are those that say that the original shot glass was the small reinforced glass container that scribes would put their quills in when they finished writing.

Interestingly there is some contestation about what the appropriate size for a shot glass is. In the U.S the standard is 1-1.5fl oz, while in Europe they are commonly 20-60 ml, there are even different names for it. In Brazil it is called a “dose,” and it’s also known as a jigger. While the Jigger is usually made from stainless steel, the shot is usually either frosted or clear glass, and you can buy them with logos and a range of colors. Shot glasses are a common thing collected by tourists and Travelers to commemorate their trip.

How to celebrate Shot Day

Start off your celebration of Shot Day by taking your nearest and dearest out to the bar. Look over the selection of drinks and pick something you’ve never tried before, or ask the mixologist behind the bar to surprise you. Some shots are more than just pouring a drink in the glass; sometimes there’s a whole art form and performance that goes into their creation.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can pick up a book and a few basic ingredients and get on the road to making yourself a mixologist! There are thousands of Recipes and different drinks to discover, and dozens of tutorials on YouTube to help you on your way! Whether you’re happy to let someone else pour your drink or want to learn how to make it yourself, Shot Day is the day for you.