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Samsung Health introduces medication tracking feature




Samsung Health app has incorporated a new medication tracking functionality, set to become available in the United States when the app updates later this week.

The new feature allows users to set reminders for taking their medications and requesting refills from the doctor. These reminders can vary in intensity based on the importance of the prescription, ranging from gentle to strong.

For critical medications, a strong reminder triggers a full-screen alert with a long tone on their smartphone. Less crucial reminders, like for supplements, are displayed as simple pop-up notifications. Galaxy Watch users can also receive these reminders on their wrist, helping them manage their medication schedule even without their phones nearby.

Moreover, when users add a new medication to the app, they can record details like the pill's appearance, prescribed dose, and when to take it. This tool comPetes with apps like GoodRx and Apple's Medication app, offering information about how to use the drug and its potential side effects, including any warnings about interactions with other medications.

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Samsung has partnered with Elsevier, a medical content specialist, to provide reliable information in the app. To use this new medication tracking feature, users will need a smartphone running Android 8.0 or higher and the Samsung Health app version 6.26 or later, though availability may vary depending on the device.