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Rescued Three-Legged Dog Gets Special 3D Printed Leg




Marques Brownlee likes to review new Technology so he decided to visit 3D Pets and see how they use their advanced 3D printing Technology to create custom prosthetic legs for Animals.

During his recent visit, the New Jersey-based studio was working on a leg for a dog named Cleo. Cleo was found as a stray on the streets of Oklahoma.

Brownlee says in the video: “Cleo is an awesome dog. She’s one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met. .. She was found on Petfinder after she spent some time as a stray in Oklahoma with injuries from unknown causes.

Now hanging out with Cleo and just playing with her, like you’d almost forget, like you wouldn’t even know that she’s missing a leg ’cause she’s just running around, chasing stuff, playing fetch.”

But, many tripod dogs face Health issues as they grow older.

As they age, their joints can be negatively impacted by the body imbalance.

They are more likely to develop arthritis and joint problems because of compensating for the missing limb.

That’s why getting a prosthetic becomes important. And that’s where 3D Pets comes in with their high tech solution.