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Monica O My Darling Review: Rajkumar, Radhika and Huma’s new Netflix release is a thrilling thriller




Monica O My Darling Review: This film by Rajkumar Rao, Huma and Radhika Apte has been released on Netflix.. The film is directed by Vasan Bala and produced by the makers of the classic film Andhadhun. The kind of hype and expectations everyone had from this film, this film has come true to them. This movie is a dark comedy, emotional, murder mystery and tremendous thriller.


The story of this film revolves around an umpire, a company where Rajkumar Rao i.e. Jayant and Huma i.e. Monica work. On the other hand, Sikandar Kher is the son of the owner of this company, who lives in his own tension, but his father loves Rajkumar i.e. Jayant more than him. Jayant also has a fiance who is the half-sister of Sikandar Kher. With this, Rajkumar Rao’s affair goes on with Monica and then Monica becomes pregnant and somehow tries to blackmail two other people along with Rajkumar. Now how to get rid of Monica, the whole story is on this. Murders are taking place in the company and hence the case is handed over to the police where Radhika Apte has a very important role.

Monica O My Darling Review

In this mystery of murder, many such funny punches are killed where you laugh a lot. The film keeps you tied and will make you sit in one place the whole time. It becomes very difficult to know who is the murderer of whom in this film and this suspense has been exploited very well in the film.

The treatment and music of this film is its life, which plays in the background throughout the film and gives a different feel to the film. With that, whenever Huma Qureshi aka Monica comes on the screen, the entire frame turns red, that too can be called a highlight of the film.


Radhika Apte, Rajkummar Rao, Huma Qureshi and Sikandar Kher have all done a great job but the gathering is robbed Huma who is brilliant. It would not be wrong to say that a film like Monica O My Darling was not made in Bollywood for a long time. And releasing this film on OTT is a big deal in itself. If you like thriller, mystery and dark comedy, then you can like this film a lot. This film is now being streamed on Netflix.