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Michael Jackson passed away in June 2009 due to cardiac arrest caused by an accidental drug overdose, leaving behind three children: Paris, Blanket (also known as “Bigi”), and Prince Jackson. On August 29, 2023, which would have been their late father’s 65th birthday,

Blanket and Prince were seen in Las Vegas after attending the “Michael Jackson ONE” show by Cirque du Soleil at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Paris, the third sibling, was on tour with the rock band Incubus.

Prince, in blue jeans and a gray T-shirt, engaged with fans, receiving a drawing of Michael and returning the gesture with a hug. Blanket, rarely seen in public, wore black attire, and fans noted his resemblance to Michael.

During a TV interview in 2021, Blanket, also known as Prince Michael Jackson II, expressed his passion for environmentalism and urged people to address climate change.

Born on February 21, 2002, via surrogate, Blanket is the only biological child of Michael Jackson. Reports suggest that a Mexican nurse named Helena served as the surrogate, chosen by Michael, with a separate egg donor. At Prince’s Thriller Night Halloween Party in 2021,

Blanket highlighted the historical significance of their home and studio, reflecting his father’s essence. He emphasized the family’s desire to create things for people’s enjoyment and benefit.

Having no plans to pursue a musical career like his father, Blanket maintains a low profile and resides in Calabasas, California, in a house purchased in March 2020.

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Legendary Actress Loni Anderson: Forever Beautiful at 78

A Star That Lives On Beyond Time

Loni rose to stardom in the late 1970s when she played the sexy and intelligent Jennifer. She won three Grammys for the program, which followed the highs and lows of a made-up Ohio radio station.

According to Loni, “I think women liked that I embodied both sexiness and intelligence.” “There weren’t many women in comedy in 1978 who could pull off the two seamlessly.”

Early Mistakes and Unwavering Willpower

Loni found it difficult to get beyond the obstacles in her way when she first became famous. The first girl in the school had to endure stares and remarks, so it wasn’t always easy to wear a bra. However, Loni demonstrated that nothing could stand in her way.

She never turned back after making her acting debut in 1966. She continued to solidify her reputation as a legendary actress by making cameos in a number of TV series and motion pictures. Her appearance in a bikini poster, which was crucial to her landing the Jennifer role on WKRP, is one of her most memorable moments.

Loni grinned and said, “I posed for that poster because my grandchildren would see it one day.” And I’ll be happy to inform them that’s just how I came across. You received exactly what you saw.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Loni’s personal life wasn’t always glamorous, even though she was well-known on television. She experienced highs and lows in her four marriages, the most well-known being to actor Burt Reynolds. After six years of marriage, their dramatic and widely publicized divorce was tainted by derogatory comments and accusations. But in the end, Loni showed incredible strength by admitting the difficulties she had. She was honest about the allegations of physical abuse and unpaid child support.

When Burt passed away in 2018, Loni paid her respects, which says volumes about her personality. She knew how he affected her life and their son Quinton’s. This reveals her ability to be forgiving and kind.

Increasing in Years But Not in Grace

Loni Anderson, who is 78 years old, exudes beauty. She credits maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle with frequent exercise and a balanced diet for her youthful appearance. She strives to redefine the boundaries of age and confronts the notion of what a grandma should look like with unyielding tenacity.

Loni said, “I never thought I wanted to be the traditional, sensible-shoe-wearing, rocking-chair-wearing grandma.” “We need to shift people’s perceptions of what grandmothers can be because they don’t fit that stereotype!”

A Life Overflowing with Inspiration and Love

Not only does Loni have a positive attitude on life, but she also surrounds herself with the proper people. In 2008, she tied the knot with guitarist Bob Flick, her true love. These days, they are content grandparents raising a lovely family. It’s always a pleasure to be with Loni Anderson, who never fails to uplift us with her optimistic outlook on life despite hardships like learning that her daughter has multiple sclerosis. She tells us that real beauty comes from the inside out and that age is just a number.