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Mexican Mummies: UFO Expert Dismisses Alien Theory, Proposes Even More Disturbing Explanation




Controversial journalist Jamie Maussan claimed he was in possession of two mini alien corpses, which Peru later claimed he stole from them, but questions have been raised if they were really aliens at all

The alleged Mexican alien mummies paraded by the country to the world last month are not aliens, but something “much worse”, an expert has claimed.

The world was shocked and baffled in equal measures when two miniature corpses were unveiled to the world by controversial Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan. He claimed that they were centuries-old alien corpses found in Peru – with the latter country starting legal proceedings against Maussan for allegedly stealing them from the country.

Mexico has so far refused to allow any outside experts from any country to take samples or test the corpses. However, Ufologist Will Galison, who has connections to the archaeologist who claimed to have analysed them, has said that we should probably be far more concerned about the discovery then we actually are.

Galison, who has actually seen the mummies during a trip to Peru in 2017, told the NubTV: “They found one bone in the arm of one of the mummies that clearly was not the organic bone that was there. So that raises the question, is the rest of it fake? My thinking shifted when I was up in the friend’s house in the country, north of New York. And I saw a deer skull on the mantel and the back of that deer skull, to my mind, resembled the front of this of this skull and I thought ‘oh wow’.”

He goes on to claim that the skulls also look similar to Alpaca skulls, and that the eggs seen inside the mummies “look like reptilian eggs”.

Galison added: “It was obviously put together – the question is was it put together in 2015 . . . or was it made 1,000 years ago? I do not think that they flew down in saucer and landed on Earth recently, or even 1,000 years ago, because a CT scan showed another thing according to some of the doctors that examined these things: the leg bones on these things were suffering from osteoporosis.”

The 70-year-old controversial bloke who found/allegedly stole the mummies claimed that the finding of them was “the most important thing that has happened to humanity”. He added: “I believe that this phenomenon is the only one that gives us the opportunity to unite.”



Maussan has not spoken or appeared in public since the bizarre unveiling press conference, however.