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Justin and Hailey Bieber are EXPECTING FIRST BABY — They Reveal the Happy News in an Unusual Setting (Video inside)




Hailey Bieber, 27, is expecting her first baby with husband, Justin Bieber, 30. She disclosed her pregnancy news alongside the pop singer through a lovely Instagram video.

The Celebrity opted to announce the big news to the world while exchanging a tender kiss during yet another vow renewal ceremony, this time, in Hawaii. The model showcased her growing belly, adorned in a tailor-made lace wedding gown by Anthony Vaccarello for Yves Saint Laurent, while she flaunted a new diamond ring.

In September 2018, Justin and Hailey Bieber had initially exchanged vows at a courthouse in New York City, coinciding with the day they acquired their marriage license. Later, the couple tied the knot again in a second ceremony held at the opulent Montage Palmetto Bluffs resort in South Carolina on September 30, 2019, surrounded by close friends and family.

Kendall Jenner swiftly expressed her emotions in the comment section of Hailey’s Instagram post, exclaiming, “Ahhhh, here come the tears again.” While Kim Kardashian commented, “I love you guys sooooo much!!!!”

Chrissy Teigen conveyed her excitement, writing, “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! You are going to be an amazing amazing mommy oh boy get ready!!! So exciting, so happy for you both!!”

Kylie Jenner echoed sentiments of love, commenting, “I love you guys!!!! Ahhhhhhhh” while Kris Jenner wrote, “We are so so excited, can’t wait can’t wait what a blessing!!!!!”

Last year, while the couple has expressed a desire for children, Hailey had voiced concerns about raising a family in the public eye, saying, “I want kids so bad, but I get scared. It’s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends… I can’t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child. We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.”

Justin and Hailey’s journey began in 2009 when they were introduced by Hailey’s father, leading to a brief romance in 2016 amidst Justin’s tumultuous relationship with Selena Gomez. After finally parting ways with Gomez in 2018, Justin found solace in Hailey’s companionship, and they’ve been inseparable since.

Despite facing challenges, including a difficult first year of marriage, Justin and Hailey have openly discussed their struggles with trust and trauma. However, they’ve emerged stronger and more stable in their relationship.

Celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary last September, both Justin and Hailey took to Instagram to share heartfelt tributes to one another.

Hailey’s post was short yet poignant, a simple “5. I love you.” While Justin’s tribute to his beloved wife was more elaborate; he expressed deep affection and gratitude for their journey together, writing, “To the most precious, my beloved. 5 years. You have captivated my heart. I know from the depths of my soul down to my bones that this journey with you will only exceed our wildest expectations. So let’s keep dreaming big baby. Cheers to forever and ever. I love you with every fiber of my being. HAPPY 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!”

Recently, Bieber took to social media to share a glimpse into his emotional journey through a collection of photos capturing different facets of his life. It was the last two images that resonated deeply with fans. In these selfies, Bieber revealed tears streaming down his face, showcasing his raw vulnerability and inviting the world to witness his emotional state.

Paparazzi photos show what Goldie Hawn, 77, really looks like – and everyone’s saying the same thing

Goldie Hawn is a name almost anyone will recognize. The actress has been a mainstay in the American media for decades because of her immensely successful career.

Behind the scenes, Hawn and her actor boyfriend Kurt Russell have been together for four decades (they celebrated their 40th anniversary on Valentine’s Day this year), and they’ve remained just as committed to one another as they were back in the very beginning.

Given the various allures and distractions life in the spotlight can bring, it’s a wonder that neither ever seems to have put a foot wrong.

What makes Kurt and Goldie’s relationship so very special – and, we might add, so real in the eyes of the public – is their steadfast dedication to each other. They don’t wield their romance as a tool to heighten their Celebrity presence, nor have they ever been embroiled in Scandals or publicity stunts to hijack the locomotive PR train.

Instead, theirs is a partnership that appears to be a throw-back to a by-gone era, an inspiring and very agreeable union that reminds us all what true love is really about.

As well as sharing adoration for one another, they also defend each other when scrutinized by the media. In fact, Russell defended Hawn when she was recently called cruel names by internet trolls, and when some pretty uNFLattering paparazzi photos of her emerged online.

One photo in particular shows her in Aspen, Colorado, rocking ugg boots, quilted pants, and a black turtleneck. At 77, she looks fantastic, but most people couldn’t help but comment on how old she now looks – cruelly saying she’s “gone too far” and no longer looks like herself.

Credit / BG041 / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images / Getty.

Hawn has fought against agism in Hollywood by simply ignoring the comments, embracing getting older and not letting the teasing faze her. Russell is also incredibly supportive of his partner, with Hawn telling People magazine that Russell told her before a dinner date: “You’re unbelievable. I cannot believe how [beautiful] you look.”

After 40 years, the couple is still as in love as they were at the start, and their love story just goes to show the power of love. Despite facing harsh public opinions about their appearances, the couple doesn’t let this affect them.

Hawn especially continues to exude grace and confidence as she embraces the natural process of aging.