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Jason Kelce thinks Super Bowl ring was ‘accidentally’ trashed at ‘New Heights’ live show: We have ‘video evidence’




Jason Kelce is convinced his Super Bowl ring is sitting in a pile of garbage after losing it during a silly game played at his and brother Travis Kelce’s “New Heights” live show in Cincinnati recently.

Travis, 34, joked on their podcast Wednesday that his older brother “doesn’t give a f–k” that he lost the priceless piece of jewelry, which he won alongside the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018.

“No, I mean, I care. It’s not, like, I’m like happy I lost it,” Jason, 36, then explained.

Jason Kelce.
Jason Kelce talked about how he lost his Super Bowl ring on the latest episode of “New Heights.”
Jason Kelce.
The former Philadelphia said he cares that he lost the championship ring after appearing unbothered at first.

When guest Andrew Santino asked how the retired center lost the ring, Travis chimed in, “You don’t lose it — somebody steals it.”

Jason added, “We have some video tape. We have some video evidence.”

The father of three then clarified his remarks via X Wednesday, writing, “I do not think it was stolen. Based on the video evidence we do have I think it was accidentally thrown in the trash while cleaning up.”

Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce and Andrew Santino on "New Heights."
Travis Kelce and guest Andrew Santino then suggested that the ring may have actually been stolen.
Jason Kelce's tweet about his Super Bowl ring.
Jason said via X that he did not believe the ring was stolen but instead “accidentally thrown in the trash.”
Jason Kelce at his "New Heights" live show.
Jason’s ring was lost during the taping of his “New Heights” live show in Cincinnati earlier this month.

Jason’s stance on the social media platform echoed his initial comments about the incident on an April 17 “New Heights” podcast episode, where he said, “I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event.”

The former NFL star and his brother, Travis, had created a competition called the Lombaby Games to get their fans riled up for the live show.

The games featured a series of events, including one where competitors had to dive into large vats filled with chili to dig for socks that contained different items — including Jason’s actual championship ring.

“There was an unfortunate-ness, as you guys know, this Game existed because I continuously lose my Super Bowl ring,” the ex-pro athlete — who announced his retirement in March and therefore won’t have a chance to play in another Super Bowl — said on his podcast last week.

Contestants in a vat of chili.
The ring was put into a vat of chili during the Lombaby Games. New Heights Show/Twitter
Jason Kelce holding his Super Bowl ring.
Jason won the Super Bowl ring in 2018. New Heights Podcast
Jason Kelce running and cheering on a football field.
He retired from the NFL earlier this year. Getty Images

“They could not find it… All of this stuff has been thrown away so I think we can safely assume my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill someplace in the Cincinnati-tristate area. I didn’t think that would happen.”

Jason losing his ring wasn’t the only chaotic occurrence at the “New Heights” live show.

Travis snagged headlines when he chugged a beer in front of the University of Cincinnati’s dean, a crowd of students and fans during his and his older brother’s honorary graduation ceremony.

Meanwhile, Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, was seen sheepishly hiding behind a cutout of her husband to lay low from all of the madness that was taking place.