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Inspiring Loyalty: Courageous Dog Saves Freezing Baby Calf, Remains Vigilant Until Both Heal in Touching Display of Devotion




Dogs are such caring and loving Animals. We love hearing stories about dogs who stepped up to care for other Animals, saving their lives with their kindness.

“His mother was to weak to care for him, and the cold and wet and nearly taken him,” the OP (original poster) shared. “His nose was frozen stiff and his eyes looked dead, but he was breathing, if barely.”

After four hours, the family finally got hopeful news when the baby cow started to move and his breathing regularized. Just when Bosko decided to go inside for some rest, the family’s other dog, Duke, came in and “took up the night shift,” keeping the cow company. How adorable, isn’t it?

Later, the cow was named Zeke. Despite his slight underweight following his Health scare, he was otherwise in good condition and was referred to as “one of the friendliest cows you will find.”

It can be said that, thanks to the kind dog that came to his aid in the rain, the small cow made it through and had his valuable chance in life. The owner says that Bosko was also a rescue, so it’s as if he’s paying it forward to another animal in need.