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How To Beat the Lesser Drake and Dragon




The 2 dragon-style bosses are one of many more durable fights in Dragon’s Dogma 2, requiring coordination along with your pawns and understanding their weaknesses. The dragons not solely have their customary breath assaults, however additionally they have entry to magical assaults that may cowl a big space. They are often particularly robust for melee lessons, however this information will element some suggestions and tips to make these bosses simpler to battle.

Dragonsbreath Tower Drake Information

The Lesser Drake at Dragonsbreath Tower is totally different than the common Drakes discovered elsewhere as it’s much more malformed in look and simpler to battle. In contrast to the opposite Drakes, this creature has a number of weakspots throughout its physique, which appear like fleshy tumors. Destroying every tumor offers a heavy quantity of injury to the Drake. As soon as they’re destroyed, it is going to enter an animation the place it stands on its hind legs and regrows the tumors. Within the meantime, intention for the pinnacle earlier than the subsequent set of tumors seem. It’s particularly weak to Ice injury whereas resisting all different components, so convey a Mage or Sorceror Pawn with Ice spells and carry an enchanted weapon with Ice. There are pillars across the tower that may be knocked right down to deal a very good chunk of injury, however you and your Pawns will also be hit by these pillars, so plan accordingly.

It makes use of a slam assault at any time when you’re partaking it in melee. It may additionally swipe at you with its claws must you be proper in entrance of it. As a dragon, it might breathe hearth and spew toxic acid from its mouth and chest that iNFLicts a heavy DoT on these caught by it. It may generally enter a rage state and do a 360 tail sweep that may knock again anybody caught within the radius. Be conscious of the place you battle the Drake because you’re combating on the high of the tower and will simply get knocked over the sting and die immediately. The identical might be utilized to the Drake, as staggering it over the sting immediately kills it.

Melee vocations can do decently in opposition to this boss, however Magick Archers are very efficient since you possibly can hit a number of weakspots concurrently with ice arrows, dealing excessive injury to the Drake.

Overworld Lesser Drake Information

These bosses are far more tough than the Drake present in Dragonsbreath Tower as its solely weakspot is a single glowing coronary heart in its chest. Very similar to the opposite Drake, it’s additionally susceptible to Ice injury. Hitting the center sufficient occasions will trigger the Drake to stagger, and with sufficient staggers, it is going to knock the Drake down, providing you with a window to unleash your strongest assaults on it.

These Drakes can solid magic on the bottom and mid-air, making it a harmful foe. Its spells embrace putting delayed hearth blasts on the bottom, summoning pillars of lightning, and casting homing floor blasts that explode beneath you. They’ve a seize assault that iNFLicts Dragonplague if it catches a Pawn, but when it grabs you, it is going to slam you to the bottom, dealing heavy injury.

As beforehand talked about, the Magick Archer could make brief work of this enemy when focusing all of your magic photographs at its chest. The Warrior vocation may also chunk its well being with the Heavensward Sunder ability, which has a beneficiant hitbox that launches you straight up.

Killing a Drake will internet some good rewards with Wakestones, Dragon Scales, and Wyrmslife Crystals, which can be invaluable within the post-Game.