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Here’s Why Yung Miami Is Named In A Lawsuit Against Diddy




Late last year, Yung Miami and Sean “P Diddy” Combs did a complete 180 from their usual limelight activities. The entertainers had a lil’ romance that always seemed too muddy to define. They went together “real bad” but never explicitly settled on the girlfriend-boyfriend title.

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Then, after Cassie sued P Diddy in Nov. 2023 for sexual assault, abuse, and trafficking, Miami seemed to take a backseat from the booed-up outings. She hosted a Friendsgiving after the lawsuit news broke, and he quietly settled with Cassie for undisclosed terms. Diddy was nowhere in sight. Then, we learned that production allegedly cut scenes involving the music mogul from Yung Miami’s forthcoming reality TV show.

So, What Does The Lawsuit Against Diddy Reportedly Say About Yung Miami?

Despite this public distance, Yung Miami is now wrapped up in an amended sexual assault lawsuit filed against her boo thang. Diddy’s former male employee, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, sued the music mogul earlier this year for sexual assault and harassment. Lil Rod reportedly worked as a videographer and producer for Sean Combs.

During his employment, Lil Rod alleges Diddy used multiple methods in an attempt to “groom” him into sexual relations. Those methods reportedly included groping his genitals, parading around naked, and assault from associates connected to and directed by Diddy. In the initial filing, Rodney Jones accused a cousin of Yung Miami’s of sexually assaulting him.

However, Lil Rod makes additional allegations against the Florida artist in an updated filing consisting of 25 additional pages, per VIBE.

XXL reportedly reviewed the lawsuit, which Jones recently amended on March 25 — the same day Homeland Security raided Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles.

The amended court documents alleged that Yung Miami supplied and transported “pink cocaine” on behalf of P Diddy. For context, “pink cocaine” is a combination of ecstasy and cocaine and is also known as “tuci” or “tusi.” The amended lawsuit alleges Brendan Paul, who was recently arrested, typically supplied the drug mix.

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But during a rehearsal for a performance in Virginia’s ‘Something In The Water’ Festival, Yung Miami allegedly flew the “pink cocaine” from her hometown to Virginia in a private jet.

“Plaintiff and the Combs Rico Enterprise were rehearsing for ‘Something in the Westival.” in Virginia,” the court filing reads. “Plaintiff Jones personally witnessed Mr. Combs do a few lines of coke in his dressing room. Defendant Sean Combs wanted tuci but Brendan forgot it, so Defendant Kristina Khorram called Yung Miami. Who then brought it on the private jet from Miami,” the court docs state, per XXL.

According to USA Today, Yung Miami, Daphne Joy, and wellness coach Jade Ramey are also described as women “paid a monthly fee to work as Mr. Combs’ sex workers,” in the amended docs.

At this time, Yung Miami has not publicly reacted to the amended lawsuit.

Stevie J, who was named in the initial court filing, recently shared a message of support for himself, Diddy, and his son Justin Combs, who were also named in the suit.

What’s Been Going On With Sean Combs This Week?

Updates from the amendment are pouring in just days after Homeland Security Investigations New York coordinated bi-coastal raids on homes connected to Diddy in Miami and Los Angeles. Law enforcement sources told multiple outlets that the raids are connected to an “ongoing investigation” likely linked to sex trafficking. The raids resulted in several seized electronics.

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Earlier this week, Yung Miami reacted to folks tapping her on X (formerly Twitter) following news of the raid.

Meanwhile, in Monday’s amendment, Lil Rod added Cuba Gooding Jr. as a defendant in his lawsuit, accusing the actor of “touching, grouping and fondling” his genitals and other body parts.

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