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Hamza Ali Abbasi champions women's empowerment




Hamza Ali Abbasi recently discussed his thoughts on the working environment for women in Pakistan in a recent interview. He also expressed his opinion on how men should treat women in the workplace.

Discussing harassment in the workplace during the interview, Hamza asserted, “I am very proud because my sister and my wife are working women, and I am surrounded by very strong women. Also, I am very vocal about women’s empowerment. I see now independent women becoming supporters of their families. I agree with you that women still face harassment at work. We (men) should play a leading role in this situation, we should not accept such behaviour, we should denounce it, we should call it out, we should not normalise it because we (the men) have unfortunately normalised such behaviours.” 

He continues to say that such behaviour deserves to be criminalised. “Women, today, are very forthcoming as they are calling out harassment, we should encourage strong women who talk about harassment, they should openly talk about it, it will be heard and catered to,” he adds. 

While discussing the situation women are facing in certain fields like the film and drama industry, the Alif actor made it clear he recognises the persistent challenges women face. 

He called for greater support and solidarity from men and said, “I have seen an overall change in the situation, now things are better. However, men should be supportive towards women, they should make sure the environment around them is safe. The men who display discriminatory behaviour towards women should learn about the teachings of Islam and should learn about Hazrat Khadija RA.”

The Man Mayal actor rose to fame rapidly after his appearance in the hit Pakistani drama serial, Pyarey Afzal, which garnered widespread appreciation. He currently portrays a positive character in the drama serial Jaan-e-Jahan, which has been lauded by fans and critics alike. Hamza's talent as an actor is evident through his duality as he also portrays the main antagonist, Noori Nat, opposite Fawad Khan in The Legend of Maula Jatt.

Hamza has also amassed a large social media following due to his friendly attitude and unique style. Recently, he has dedicated himself to Islam and frequently addresses various social issues in light of Islamic teachings.